Dentist Out of Body- My Son

I hate going to the dentist. It gives me anxiety and I’m pretty much terrified the entire time. (Thanks to a back alley Korean dentist who took out all of my fillings, without my mouth being frozen, and filled them with expensive gold, one which fell out a week later. Shudder). Anyway, so now when I go to the dentist, I got to my “Happy Place” and chit chat with the angels and ask any questions I’ve been wanting to know. So, today I had a dentist appointment.
When the drills start, that’s when I start. I breathe in and out deeply, inhaling white light. Then I see myself leave my body, and start walking down long wooden steps to the beach. I walk arm in arm with my guardian angel, until we get to the water. Then we sit down and start talking.
I have a 3 year old daughter, and I’ve been debating and debating on whether or not we should have another. I feel so guilty thinking of taking time away from her. Anyway, so I asked my angel, if we should have another.
Lucia: If you want to have another, everything will be fine. At that time, your daughter will be growing more independent and wanting more time to herself.  She will love and care for your son too.  Of course they will have squabbles but they will love each other deeply and work well together.  First you need to work on your relationship and body. You and your husband will need help learning to communicate better together. It’s not a sign of a bad husband or a bad wife, just help communicating, understanding and appreciating one and other.  Also take the time to make your body healthy.  There is a sweet soul waiting to come in with you.
Me: Well, can I meet him?
Lucia: Sure, he will come in a big ball of light. Watch for him!
I looked out over the ocean, and I saw a huge bright ball of light slowly coming towards us.  When it finally arrived, the light fell away and there was a boy about 6 years old standing there.
Boy: Hi Mom!!
I talked to him, and he said:
Boy: Don’t worry mom. I will wait for you. I WILL WAIT FOR YOU.
ME: Wait, WHAT. It’s been you (Backstory: for the past 2 years I have heard the song “I will wait for you” EVERY where. Every time I got in the car, walked into the building, turned on the radio. EVERY where. People around me all know that, and often when I walk by the computer at work it starts playing. I knew there was a message but couldn’t seem to get it.)
Boy: Yes it’s me!
Me: Wow. Okay, well when I get into the car to go back to work, can you play it for me?
Boy: Yep! I’ll try my best.
Me: Okay, so will you coming be hard on B?
Boy: No, we love each other very much and have work to do together. She will be fine. She will love me and help take care of me. Mom, don’t worry. I will sleep well, and it won’t be too hard for you. I love you and you will love me too.
Me: What about Appa? (My hubby).
Boy: Oh mom, he grumbles and stuff but he will be fine. He’s learning and growing a lot. You’ve helped him too you know.  He will be fine. It will be good for him, and we will help each other.
Me: Why do you want to come to Earth??
Boy: To help people in the transition, to spread love, to be happy.
Me: What about your name?
Boy: That’s not too important. You can ask Haraboji (my FIL) to help you out. He will help you find a name.
By now, the drilling was really distracting me, and I was a bit overwhelmed with all of this.  Our conversation kind of faded, and I guess he left.
He looked cute. Like a boy version of B. My family traits but Asian. Sweet, sweet soul, like his sister.  Maybe not as busy, but excited and so sweet.
So, I thought about it for a while. Finished my appointment, and left. 
When I got to the car, I turned on the radio. Some song was playing and I remembered what he had said.  I wondered if I should turn the channel, but felt like I should keep it there so I did.  The drive back to work is less than five minutes, so he had one chance.  The song finished, and guess what came next? Yep. I Will Wait For You. NOT KIDDING AT ALL. I SWEAR.  I was so happy I almost cried. Out of all the songs, all the times. Seriously.  I got back to work, went to my mom’s office, and told her what I saw and heard. I said I would tell J in the office, because we are always wondering about that song.  I walked over to her desk, and yep. I Will Wait for You was playing on her computer radio. Different channel. WHATTTTT!
So, I think in about 18 months or so (Since I think that’s how long it will take to get ready) I’ll be letting you know about a little bundle-of-joy-to-be. 

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