Morning Stress and Purple Spots

It was after a trade show and we were going back home. In the dream, my mom had told me that I could leave early that night, but then she made me stay until 10 oclock. I was starting to freak out because it was getting late. She told me now we had to wait there for my Dad to get there because he had the key. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I was so annoyed. But then I walked up to the door and it was actually unlocked.

For some reason, we were staying at the home of a local family, who we are friends with. It was morning and we were getting ready to go to school. My husband had taken a shower, and now it was my turn. When I went to take a shower, the door was locked and I realized my friend Y was in there. WHAT! I took at shower at 6am every day for years and she knew that! Now my schedule would be thrown off! I was SO mad! I was uncharacteristically swearing and yelling I was SO mad.

I seethed and seethed and then decided to go to the door to tell her I needed in. I went to knock on the door, and she just happened to finish, so that was good. I went into the shower room to get ready. I looked behind me, and there were ALL these people watching! What the heck! They were all just sitting in chairs staring at me. I was a little freaked out, and I definitely didn’t want to get undressed in front of them all!

I noticed there was a curtain that I could pull out around me on the ceiling. I pulled it out, and some kids barged in anyway to be funny. I grabbed them and spanked them (weird) so they would learn. I went back and got ready to shower. The bathtub was deep and could be a nice soaker tub, but the walls were all un finished and I could see the piping and it was musty and creepy. I got ready and got out of there. I was trying to get all my makeup and things put back in my bag but I couldn’t remember which were mine. I was looking for my jewellery too and noticing Y’s jewellery there as well.

I went out to the kitchen, hurrying to get ready. Now it seemed I was at my grammie’s house. Everyone was there. My SIL and I were trying to get the right things in the right bags, sorting out whose things were whose. Suddenly my mom mentioned that it was a holiday so there was no school? I collapsed on the floor in exhaustion saying “WHY didn’t you tell me that?!”

An old friend J arrived. He came in and sat down. I hadn’t seen him for almost 10 years, and never heard tell of him again. I don’t know if we left on very good terms before, because we briefly dated. Anyway he sat down and had a normal conversation with me. He told me about his wife, and that they had rented the white room from his mom’s hotel business or something. I asked about his mom and told him I had actually seen her recently.

As I was writing this, I remembered a part of my dream. Ahh I wish I could remember the whole thing because this one felt kind of important.

I went to Thailand I think, or somewhere like that. I had left everything I had and went there. I decided to abandon my other life, and be there. I was in love with some kind of.. well.. I have no idea what he was. I don’t know if he was human, or aboriginal, or an animal, or a spirit, or what. I remember what he felt like, but not exactly what he looked like. He had no clothes, and I think long hair. He could swing in the trees and maybe fly or something. He was very evolved, but didn’t speak. His mission was more one involved with the Earth and with peace and love. Somehow, he accepted me as his own and we lived together. I knew it was a big sacrifice but I was happy and ready to do it. I wish I could remember more about that. It felt important.

Anyway, I don’t know if this part is connected to that dream, or a different one, but I looked in the mirror, and saw these dark purple spots about the size of my fist all over my body. In my armpits, and chest, back, all over. About 8 different spots. I was like “What on EARTH is this?”. I went somewhere and hear someone talking about it. They said they had the purple spots) I didn’t tell them about mine. One guy said he had too and they turned black and very dangerous. They needed medicine to get better. I didn’t want to tell them about mine though for some reason. I left. Later in the dream, I checked and my spots were all gone without the medicine! Phewf.


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