Getting to Korea

At first it started out that I was thinking of going to Korea for 2 weeks. I was going to visit my husband there. Somehow though, it changed so it was now hubby (JK) and I going to Korea for two weeks. I calculated how much it would cost us in missed wages, and how many vacation day we had between us left.  We couldn’t find a flight.
I was looking at a TV, and realized it was all of the flights and flight times flashing. Now, we were looking for a flight between Bangor and Boston (?). I tried to touch the screen to pull it up, it was leaving in like 45 minutes.
JK and I got on a bus to try to get to the airport. I had a pink balloon in my hand. A little girl walked past me to get off the bus, she had two balloons, and wanted more. I tried to give her my balloon, but her mom said now. I was stuck with my balloon!
We got off the bus, and I said it looked so similar to C’ville.  I looked at the school, and it said “Florenceville” but it was spelled wrong, and some letters were falling down.  We walked into a busy mall, there were SO many people there. JK got in line for Starbucks, and I was like “WHAT THE HECK! Did we just come here for you to get coffee?! We’re wasting time!!!” and he said “No, no, really, it’s just that since we’re here, we might as well have coffee.” I realized then that somewhere along the lines I had lost my balloon. I thought maybe we could just get a taxi to the airport. It might be expensive but if I kept the receipt, maybe they would let me just reimburse it at work.  I thought we might have to get a hotel too, but since I had my work visa with me, I could put it on that if I had to. Oh year, before we were leaving, my mom gave me a $5 bill, and one to my husband as well. I thought it was really nice of her. 

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