A Dark Road Sympathizer

I was going to visit my friend S. My mom was with me, and we arrived at her house. I hadn’t seen her in years, and there were a lot of questions I wanted to ask her. Things I couldn’t ask on the internet, but needed to talk to her face to face.
We walked into the house, and I saw her and her 2 daughters. I was surprised to see her ex BF there with his children. She told me that together, they had five kids. I was also surprsied that his three were boys, I had thought in the dream that they had 4 girls. Anyway, I could tell she was hurting a lot, and asked her if she would like to step outside to the porch to talk about it all.  She said it would be better to go to the Tim Horton’s to sit down and talk.
I left my mom playing with the three boys, and hoped it would just take a minute.  S said that Tim’s was just around the corner. We got into her car and she started driving. It was dark and rainy out, and she was sobbing on my shoulder, telling me the story about what had happened. That it was something he had done with break up the relationship. I was listening but at the same time I was worried my mom was left behind and also worried because she couldn’t drive in that state! I was steering the car as best I could from the passenger side, a bit freaked out.
Finally we got to “town” and I saw a little cafe there. I suggested we go there instead (hoping to get off the road ASAP!). She agreed, and I started to pull in, but realized it wasn’t a parking lot, but an outside eating area. Oops. I pulled around the back and parked, then went in. Just then my mom pulled in too. I was so glad she got there because I was really worried about how she would feel, with those other people. 
We all sat down at a table. There were tonnes of people there, the place was hopping and had a great vibe.  I asked my mom where we were and she said “Downtown Rothesay”. I didn’t know Rothesay was that exciting but I loved it! I told S I thought about moving there, and she was so excited. I said maybe her daughter could baby sit B.

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