A Lesson in Love

This is kind of a neat little dream.  
I forget how the whole thing started but I will pick it up from here. I was driving my brother’s big truck in a parking lot, trying to leave the lot.  I accidentally ran into one car when I was turning but kept going. I thought maybe I should stop but but thought that people probably do that all the time, that’s why sometimes you have a dent on your car and you don’t know why.  
In the truck with me were two men/boys.  One was CP, a childhood friend, and another was ND a boy one year younger than me in school.  They were both my boyfriends. I was in love with them, and they were in love with me.
Now the dream shifts and it’s more like I’m watching a story.  Over the years, the three of them lived quite happily, remaining completely in love. Both men knew that the only way to have her was to relent and let her love them both. I saw snippets over the years as they grew and changed. In one part, she (I?) was bald and so was ND. She had been sick.  He told her to drop her things and sprint a short distance. She laughed, full of happiness and played along. More snippets of years of happiness passing. Healthy lives and love.
Now, ND wanted to talk. He said “Will you marry me?” and she said “You know I can’t.. I’m with CP as well”.  She genuinely loved them equally.  ND was starting to feel like he needed to claim her for himself, and himself only. He thought he might be out of patience. 
CP was down on the side of the ditch in the road, he climbed up over, and at this point in his life, he had no legs, could only walk with his arms (which he did very well), and his hair was longish.  She was down on the side of the ditch too. She had no legs as well.  She reached her arm up for help and made a noise to ask for ND to give her a hand getting out.
Being still hurt, ND refused and told her to do it herself. She looked a bit helpless but determined to do this.
Now at this time, my mom told me that she had read this story before, I guess on FB, and told me how it all ended.
That night (in the story), the girl had died. ND and CP didn’t know how sick she was. She hadn’t told anyone, so they could keep living happily. ND was racked with guilt as they carried her away. The lesson was that we should learn to live in love, complete love. Not in the feelings that we need to win, or conquer. Feelings of superiority can spoil something beautiful. Just live in pure love and acceptance. 

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