Toaster Hunters

This is just a short dream.  When I woke up this morning I had all these dream snippets but didn’t really remember them until I was sitting on the couch at my mom’s before work this morning:
We were at my grandmother’s house (who is now in a special care home for dimensia in real life) and they were talking about her toaster collection (which she obviously does not really have). In the dream she had a collection of toasters, probably twenty of them. My mom said she was so excited when they started the new TV show “Toaster Hunting” or something like that where I guess they went around the country looking for cool toasters.  
Mom said that one of my uncles had already been in to look at them and asked if I was interested in any. Hmm I thought maybe I would like a 4 holed bagel toaster. Hmm. I looked and found one with three slots, big enough for bagels. Weird, there was half a loaf of bread in it.  It was a special one that toasted a complete loaf all at once, unsliced. Neat! But weird there was half a loaf clipped in. I knew that she had probably put it in there years ago.  Did I want the used toaster? Kind of weird, I wasn’t totally sure.  

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