Faces in the Night

The last few nights I haven’t been able to sleep deeply. I’ve rolled around and had crazy dreams all night long. I can’t get into that deep relaxing sleep.  I had a lot of dreams, but here is a quick snippet from last night. I have a question for you guys too, at the end, so please leave a comment!
Well, I guess I was watching the Ellen Degeneres Show.  They were doing audience games, and one person was going to have to sing a song.  They couldn’t, so I ran in to sing it.  I was over quite far away from the studio when she called, and I ran back as fast as I could (I was a black teenage boy, but that might be because I’ve been binge watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix, and I think I was Smash Williams). Anyway, so I thought to myself, I really should remember when the show airs so I could be in a close vicinity when this stuff happens. I was thinking how they taped it early so today was actually yesterday or something. 
Now I was back to myself. My family and I were playing another game on Ellen.  It was a pattern recognition game.  For example, they would show 5 animals, and I would have to know which the 6th should be.  I would look at patterns to figure it out. Each question was completely different than the one before, and it was giving my brain a good work out.  The questions were difficult, but it was so fun to solve them all.  Funny.  As we were leaving we all had tickets to get out. We got the tickets by playing the games I think.
Now, for the question:
For the last few weeks I have just been noticing this.  Right before I fall asleep, with my eyes closed, I see a clear, defined, very detailed face (with a personality attached).  The weird thing is, every night is a different face. I’ve never seen any of these people before, but they are always so clear. Not like a far away object in my mind, but very very clear, in the right hand side of my mind/forehead/eye?  They don’t really look at me, or say anything to me, but I have been noticing that I’ve been seeing them a lot.  And only right before I fall asleep. Only one a night. I see them and then they fade away immediately. Last night I waited for it, to see if it would happen, and of course it did. I can sense the personality behind the faces, but nothing else.  WHAT THE HECK! Has this happened to you? WHAT IS IT!! Please, please leave a comment if you have any info! Thank you!!! 🙂 🙂

3 thoughts on “Faces in the Night

  1. Ha! Dreams are nutty. I haven’t been able to sleep. soundly either the last few nights. I’ve seen faces before, how you described it. I also will hear snippets of conversations or what seems like people trying to talk to me. It seems audible! it’s not frequent, but when it does happen, it usually happens a few nights in a row.

    .. I’d say those faces are spirits! Call me crazy, but what else could it be? Hah. 😊

    • Yes, dreams are so weird! I think they must be spirits too… right? I’m wondering if I’m seeing them, what I’m supposed to be learning or doing 🙂 The time before falling asleep is really strange. Often I travel over really vivid roads, quickly, before falling asleep. So fun, but so odd 🙂

      • That is odd! but definitely cool. Some say your soul travels when you sleep. Maybe it’s true!
        Spirits is really the only thing I can think of. In my opinion the validation of it is your sensing of their personalities.
        To be entirely honest, I see entities all the time everywhere. Sometimes it’s not necessarily about you having to help them, rather you learning to trust your senses. 😉

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