The Pink Gun

We were at my house, where I grew up.  I knew that a guy from my high school, T.O. was coming over, and I knew he planned to hurt one of my friends. I was trying to figure out what I could do first to keep her safe. I found that I had a pink hand gun. I’d never used a gun before, but felt like I would have to just do it.  I wondered if there was some way for me to be more accurate, like some type of scope or something that I needed to use.
The gun had a safety option. On the back of it, there was a button you could push so that it would turn off and you couldn’t shoot it. I didn’t trust that though so I didn’t want to put it in my bag in case it went off. Yikes! I tried to hide it in some cords behind a side table, but then worried it would be too easy for my 3 year old daughter to get it. I though of a story from when I was a kid about two boys playing in their dad’s closet, finding a gun, and one shooting the other.  Scary.  I thought of putting it on a high shelf, but I wanted to be able to grab it without anyone seeing me, when T.O. came. I wanted the element of surprise.
My friend M.B. arrived, and I told him I had two things to tell him. One I think, was that T.O. was planning to hurt someone. The other was that I had a gun and I had to figure out how to use it. We went to my mom’s room, and I took out the gun to show him. He unfolded it, and it turned into some type of fold out rifle. He was quite shocked and thought this gun was serious business. I was kind of happy to hear that because to me it kind of looked like a water gun. He tried it a few times out the window, and was shocked out quiet it was. I wondered if it had a silencer attached. I was worried that when I shot the gun, it would be too powerful and I would drop it.
Eventually, I was in the fight. T.O. had come, and I had to protect us. I shot him a few times, but it didn’t slow him down. At one point I ran out of bullets and had to ask my brother for more. I shot another shot, and the bullet zoomed in a circle around the room, I tried to avoid it just in case. Finally T.O. was shot in the right spot, and the battle was finished. I had won. I had done it all right, and it all turned out in the end. Phewf. I could finally relax. 
I also had a dream about cooking french fries and chicken fingers. They had oil around them and they caught on fire. I had to open the stove and blow the fire out. People arrived at the house then and I was worried the house smelled like burnt chicken fingers and fries. 

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