The Faces Answered

Okay, in the dream I was at a reatreat (which I will actually go to in September). I went into my teacher’s room (who also happens to be a psychic) and I told her that I had been seeing these faces before I went to sleep at night. I sat on her bed and explained to her what I saw. Right before she answered me, I realized I was in a dream. I could tell what came next would be partially directed by me. Anyway, she said that the faces were all of the people I had killed in past lives, and I needed to bless them and let them go. WHAT THE HECK! Not the answer I was hoping for! I was quite shocked, but accepted it as the truth. 

I left the room, and started to walk back to my own room. It was kind of messy in there, but there were some cute cupcake stands I thought I might use for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party.   I left the room and went down the hall. My husband was standing there. Oops! I said “What are you doing here?!” I already knew he was there, because I had seen him in our room, but I said it for the benefit of the others,  He had just gotten a wisdom tooth out in the dream, so I wanted to be nice to him and help him out. He smiled and sat down and said he would just join. Then the woman in charge said sorry that he couldn’t join because it was only for women. I felt sorry and asked he he could walk around outside or something until I was done. He said yes, but I still felt sorry he couldn’t join us. 


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