Bathroom Peerer

I was in a public washroom (the start to many nightmares, yeesh). I was in the stall, and my daughter was a baby and she was sitting on the floor in a little char in front of the stall door, (inside with me). Suddenly, a man looked over the top of the stall! What the heck! I was like “GET AWAY!” and he peered down. I was afraid for my baby too, so I tried to use my foot to scoop her away from the door entrance.  I was trying to get decent, when the man looked in again. “This is my personal time! Get away!”.
(This is the second uncomfortable dream I’ve had about this person this week).
I was now starting to get scared. I left the stall, and looked down to the end of the bathroom. There was the man, and a group of other men.  They caught sight of me, and I took off running, scared, as fast as I could.  I remembered my daughter, and them made sure she was attached to my chest. Ahh! I was being chased!  (On some level I knew it was a dream, because at first my daughter wasn’t there, but I used my intentions to put her back on my chest).
I was now in my elementary school running. I think I had actually been in that building all along. I ran through the gymnasium, no one was there, and through to the other wing. I went in the first door I came too. I was so scared. I knew that it probably wasn’t the best room to run to because they would check it first, but I had to go somewhere. I ran through and ran up some stairs, some hiding place in the walls, with B still in my arms. I heard them coming, chasing, and looking through the room for me.
On another note. This morning on my drive to work, it was raining. Way up ahead of me on the road (I live in the countryside, and I was the only person on the road this morning), were three water puddles.  They were puddles that must have been in worn down parts of the road.  For a few seconds, as I approached, I thought it was three men standing in the middle of the road. Totally unrealistically I thought it was three military men, and for a split second I panicked, thinking they were waiting for me, and had the urge to turn around and escape. WEIRD. I was genuinely terrified for a second, until I realized it was three mud puddles. Yeesh. Starting to think this could be past life related.  But I live in rural Canada, a safe, peaceful, calm place.

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