The Hidden Ocean

I had this dream really early on in the night. When I woke up with it, I went through it again to try and remember it, and thought I would, but now I’ve only got a bit of it.
Anyway, an important man in our town had died.  Since he died, there was a place we could go visit that had previously been closed. We had to bring our priest with us though to get in. So we dressed up Father John in protestant clothes, and he was like “I have to be a MINISTER!?” haha. Anyway, for some reason that’s what we had to do.
We went to the place (my family and I), it was where my old elementary school used to be. Father John led us in through the opening. It wasn’t even a building, just a place or something. Anyway, when we went in, we were shocked. It was a beautiful amazing fantastic place.  Ahead we could see the ocean was there, with light blue cloudy skies melding into the ocean so you couldn’t see a division. More of a grey blue colour to eveything. Holy crap, what was this place!?
My husband started walking closer to the water, and I told him to come back so he did, because a big tide was coming in. We could feel the spray of the ocean and the sand. Wow. Seriously, what was this? How had he had this ocean in his place? 
I totally forget what happened next, but I like that dream. It was really neat. The ocean place there was just so beautiful, I can’t really explain it. It was so breathtaking, foggy, birds flying, cool/dim. The air was cool and moist and felt so good on my skin. Funny, when we first walked in, it took a minute to focus and see what exactly was in there too.Image

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