My Tim Riggins

Okay, for some reason, my friend, Y, was babysitting my daughter B. One day, I was looking in on some kind of video monitor, and I could see what was going on. Y had B, but her boyfriend was coming, or had some big event, so Y left B with the maids at her work and didn’t tell me about it. I was so mad! When I came to pick her up, Y was there, and I asked her how the day was. She told me it was great, and I asked her what she did with B, and she made up some stuff. I was giving her a chance to tell me the truth, but she just lied to me. I caught her in her lie and she was really embarrassed. There was a LOT more to this dream but I can’t remember.

We were also at a Japanese restaurant and ordering food. We were bringing seafood up from a hole in the table, I’m not sure where it was coming from. We knew that if you pulled it up from really deep, it would be live fish. Ah! My husband pulled some up that were alive, which was exciting for them but really freaked me out. I did not want live fish on the table!

Another dream, I was dating Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights (Haha okay, I’ve only got one season left on Netflix, so then I can stop have FNL dreams). We were so happy, and so in love. I was nervous though. I had only ever been that happy, that in love, and that totally involved one other time and it had ended in nearly unrecoverable heartbreak. I thought to myself and wondered if it was worth it to love so completely with the risk of losing it all. I wondered why this gorgeous man loved me so much, and how on Earth I would be able to hold onto him.


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