Kardashian Make-up Brushes

I was at Kim Kardashian’s house. Weird. But it was actually in my Grammie U’s house. I was there visiting her, hanging out. I was talking with Rob and he was really nice, then Khloe was there. She was the scary, mean, older sister. I thought about a friend I used to have that had a scary older sister and the energy was the same, except that friend had only 2 sisters and a brother. Anyway, Khloe had told me to do something but I forgot and she got mad. OOPS! She told me to do a couple of more thing, and left. I forgot what she told me to do and I asked Kim. Kim said she told me to clean the make-up brushes.
I had the make-up brushes in my hand, and I was like “Do you have brush cleaner?” She said no, they use Ivory soap. She was looking around for it, and I found it on the table. Strange, I thought. We always have Ivory soap, so I could use that myself at home to clean my own brushes. (Side note, I just googled that, and there are actually lots of methods to use Ivory soap to clean brushes. Weird).
Anyway so I lathered it up, and started cleaning them. I realized I had used one of Khloe’s brushes to apply my lip stick, it was a bright pink one. Ahh! I was trying to get it off so she wouldn’t know, and Kim told me to stop cleaning them now, not to worry about the bit that was left. I was freaked out though and kept scrubbing, trying to get it clean. I was worried the bristles might fall out, but eventually I got it back to clean.
Then Kim and I were somewhere, I forget where. I know that we were doing a word search, trying to find words in a puzzle. I wish I could remember the words now. It was hard to find them, and then suddenly I found a whole bunch! Word, after word, I could see in the puzzle. I think one of the words was “Women” but I don’t remember any of the rest. 

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