The Dream Interpretor

I meant to write this down this morning, because it was a really neat dream about a dream. But I got really busy, and now it’s 11am. So, here is what I can remember!

I was at home, at the house I grew up in, and a friend/teacher, K, called me and asked if I could come over to interpret her dream. She was quite adamant, and I told her that yes I would come, but I had to finish up some things at home first, because I was in the middle of something with my family. So, I hung up, and finished what we were doing, and went over.

When I got there, she greeted me, and we went into her work space/area. There were a few kids around, but we just let them be. I asked her if she had any tarot cards, because I thought it might help with the interpretation. She looked a bit uneasy, and I asked if maybe she didn’t like other people touching her cards? She said that wasn’t it, just that someone had ripped one once when she lent them, so she was worried. I told her I would be very careful. I told her I had seen “Dream oracle cards” and thought that it could help with finding the deeper meanings of the dreams perhaps. I would like to give it a try.

K opened up a drawer full of decks of different cards, and I told her she might as well just choose the one she liked best. She pulled out one, and then I asked her if she had the “Rider Waite” deck, since I was very familiar with that one, and thought I could probably get a lot more info flowing in. She didn’t. Shoot, I wished I had taken mine with me from home.

Anyway, she handed me the deck and I flipped through it to get familiar with it. It was very simple, but I figured I would just let info flow in as best as I could. One card was a picture of a dinosaur with a number, and I thought that meant something about “old” things, since dinosaurs were very old.

I sat down and she started talking about the dream. She was speaking quite quickly, but I tried to write down as many key points as I could, so I could then break down the dream. I forget what it was all about now though, darn. I do remember there was a part of her swinging from something, and some type of blood. But the blood was a very good sign. A fertile and abundant symbol. I had shuffle the cards while she thought about the dream, and then she pulled three cards. As she pulled them out, she looked up the key points and wrote them in pencil on the cards. I thought it was strange since she seemed like she didn’t want the cards altered or hurt, but thought it would probably be helpful for her in the long run to remember the meanings. She had them laid out in front of her, and I wished they were laid in front of me so I could see them better.

Now, I started to receive information and started talking about all of the points of the dream. I wish I could remember the entire breakdown, but a lot of it had to do with being able to open up and love, and be playful. Something had happened to her as a child that conditioned her to put up walls and barriers that were now difficult for her to take down. Her heart was guarded and it was very difficult for her to be carefree, playful, and completely open to loving others as well as herself. As I spoke, she nodded and nodded, giving me confirmation that my information was accurate. The blood I had talked about was what was coming up, a bright and fertile future, which showed a lot of abundance, promise and hope.

I thought to myself just how much I LOVED to interpret dreams for other people. I wished that it was my full-time job! It was so much fun to try and decode, and receive information from my higher self, or the angels or whoever was helping me. It was really neat. I thought if she called me out of the blue for this, maybe other people would like the service as well if I advertised or something.


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