The Crystal Cult

Last week I listened to Kate Sitka’s Podcast “The Joyful Telepathy”. There was a neat episode called Dreams and Paralell Realities.  She talked about different things we do while we sleep, including:
1. Processing the days events
2. Getting symbols and advice
3. Time Travel (In this life, and past lives)
4. Intuitive development classes
5. Spiritual out of body work
She mentioned that if you wake up exhausted a lot of days, it might be because you are spending a lot of time out of body when you sleep. YES. I’m so sure that’s true for me. Anyway, she said a couple of times a week, before you go to sleep, really really use your intentions to tell you self that you will not leave your body that night, and you will stay in and have a restful and restorative sleep. I did this last night, and WOW I woke up refreshed, with more energy in the morning than I have in weeks, months, years? Thanks Kate Sitka!  Actually though, I think I may have deeply rested for most of the night but I’m not sure about later. I had some intense dream dejavu like I could really remember being in these places, and these things happening the same before…
Now, onto my dream, it’s a long one:
I was working at my job, but I was sitting in J’s desk. I answered the phone and I recognized the voice to be one of the people who do toy reviews on Youtube (obsessed daughter at home, who always wants to watch toy reviews). Anyway, she was a past customer I guess, and my dad (who is also my boss in real life), had taken a picture of her and her husband, which went in the newspaper but they didn’t write her name, only his. She was mad and wanted it fixed because she needed it to enter some contest. She said she had already talked to a man (my dad) and he had been rude. I apologized to her and told her I would try to find the original file to send to her, as well as talk to the newspaper to re-post it.
After I hung up with the lady, I told me dad and he was like “Yea I was rude! She was a pan in the @ss!” 
Anyway, so I left work, and went to D.D.’s house to get ready for a school dance. High school I think. I was all dressed up and looking really cute in a little white miniskirt. My friend J was with me. Just then, the lady who had called earlier, showed up. She said she would take us to the dance.  Warily I got in her car. And she zoomed off before J could even get in. Uh Oh.
She was speeding very fast on the back roads. I was terrified and getting the feeling that she was a little bit crazy. I told her that I recognized her from the Youtube videos to try and get her to calm down. Oh, now I remember, when I was at work earlier in the dream, I found her on FB and noticed she looked crazy and her husband did too. He had is mouth open in the picture. I think we had heard they were getting a divorce.
Anyway, so she kept speeding, and suddenly we hit something and the car flew up into the air. Everything was in very slow motion. Our car spun through the air, flipping at least three of four times. Since it was slow motion I had time to think. I had two seatbelts on, but I wondered if there was ANY way I could come out of this alive.  Should I let me soul pop out of my body now? If I survived, what kind of shape would I be in. Oh dear. How could I fix this. Then I thought “Maybe it’s a dream!”. I pried my eyes open, and saw our bedroom window. Phewf, it was a dream. I let myself slip back into the dream since I knew I was safe.
So, we survived the flip, and now we were out back in red bridge or something, somewhere. We came to an Irving sign, and I wanted her to stop, I guess so I could escape. 
We drove up and I saw a doll museum. It was so cool. So many old dolls there. I really wanted to go in. I remembered going there before… Maybe when I was a kid? (In real life I’ve never been there). Anyway, so I went in, and looked at everything. It was like an open court yard once you went inside, with different shops selling things. We came to a yardsale, and I was with my hubby. I found two cake tins, one lips and one heart. They were really old though so I didn’t get them.
We kept walking, and suddenly I remembered that there was a crystal shop! I was so excited! I started running, when I saw the woman who was in charge of it walking towards us. SHOOT. She was done for the day. I looked up and the shop was all dark. I was about to say “Ohhh no we drove 3 hours to get here!” when she said it would open again soon. I looked up and suddenly the lights went on. Yay!
So, when I got into the shop, there were 7 or 8 people, doing some type of bowing ceremony to the Buddha statues. Weird. I just kind of stood in the corner behind them with my backpack on, thinking I’d really like to look at the crystals, but thought it would probably be rude. They were chanting a prayer, that somehow I knew. Hmm. Weird. I started saying it with them. It had something about Jesus in it so I thought it must be safe to say it with them. 
So finally they were done, and I went to look at the stones. There was a BEAUTIFUL blue crystal. The colour of the Caribbean ocean, iridescent and sparkling, about the size of my hand. It was only $7. Wow! When I picked it up, if felt hollow! How strange! It was like it was a fake stone! No wonder it was so cheap. I picked up several more and they were all the same. I really wanted one but not a fake one. I think this was a type of Angel Aura Quartz, but I’m not sure. 
Suddenly, someone either hit me, hit my butt, or pushed me, or something. I was like “Wait! This happened before, just like this!!”. I told their leader, (Who was young with longish brown hair, and quite handsome) and that person got in trouble. That’s when I realized they were a cult. I thought if you had to be in a cult, it was kind of a neat one. Hm. Weird. Then I wondered if I should join the cult with my husband. Then I wondered do people who join cults every know they are cults when they join? Shouldn’t you not join if you already knew it was a cult?  
Anyway so I continued shopping. I went around another side, and found more of that beautiful stone. This time it was much smaller and about double the price. I picked a piece up and it was nice and heavy. It was the real deal. I was happy and pleased and I would buy that one. 



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