The Home Post Office

I went to my Grammie U’s house, and for some reason, it was the post office.  It was still her house, but there was a post office sign on each side of it, just little ones. It was weird, because it didn’t look very nice of professional, but it was small town, and I guess people just accepted it and used it.
I was sitting down at a table, and I think there were pennies on the table. I was with my family members and we were discussing something. Then another family came in to talk amongst themselves. I had to kind of scoot out of the way to make room for them.
Somehow I got outside, and I was talking to a girl who had been in the post office. I feel like the conversation was important but i forget what it was.  
Next, I was walking beside a guy. He was my friend. He was taller than me, kind of shaggy light brown/blondish hair. He was upset because his cousin had been a jerk to him. I reached up and held his hand, and to my surprise, he help firmly onto mine.  Then, his cousin, who had been hurt or something or in a case, met us on the road. He was like the handsomer version of my friend (who I guess was now my boyfriend?)
When the cousin met us, he expected me to be nice to him, but instead I hit him or something and said something mean to him. Normally I would be afraid what he would say back to me, but this time, I just said it and did it. My BF asked me why I did that and I told him because he had been mean to him, and I wouldn’t let him get away with it.
Next, we were at some place where people were gathered around.  I was standing with my BF, still holding his hand. Throughout the dream, he protected me and shielded me with his body and I felt so loved and comforted. Now, I was standing next to him, but somehow, I was also standing up in a window (2 of me but it wasn’t weird).  I was in the window with other people, facing the crowd.  The cousin was also there and a couple more people. I was giving a speech.  I was talking to the kids about how if someone throws a snowball at you, you throw one back. You fight back! You don’t be a pushover!.
The other me was listening, and I was shaking my head like “I get what she’s saying, but yeesh, I don’t really think it’s right or the right place to be saying this. It’s not really the right message to share”. 



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