Giant Pink Dolphin

Me and a friend were on our way somewhere. We had to climb steep steps and ladders to get there.  It was some event in England. My boss had asked me to buy two tickets for him, using my own money, because I would be able to use them as well when I arrived.
When we finally got to the gate, the man told us that our tickets were used and we couldn’t come in. WHAT! I begged him and told him that it was our boss, and he was very important, but that I had used my own money and we were supposed to be able to use the tickets. Finally he relented and said we could come in. 
When we walked through the door, there was a door prize. You had to guess the length of a giant pink dolphin to win.  I mean, SUPER giant.  It was a HUGE dolphin that swam to this place every year and was sort of like a mascot for the company. We heard a little spiel about it, and then we could guess. Well I remembered hearing 1200 in there, and I thought it could go one way or the other. It could have been the answer, and we were supposed to listen to get it right, or it could be a test to see if we had any of our own gumption and thinking power to think up something of our own.
Well, I thought 1200 metres is REALLY long, so maybe 1200 feet would be right. So I wrote it down. I felt like that was way too big, but then I saw the pink dolphin emerge from the water and it was HUGE! I thought it could be 1200 feet,  I walked in, and it was a small one room trade show, and my family was there too.
Okay this other dream from last night was kind of strange. I forgot about it until I was driving to work and heard about a woman on Morons in the News eating a bag of marijuana in a police car.
So, we were at my aunt’s house I think.  My parents, aunt and uncle, and family friends, K & B were there. Everyone was sitting in a circle, and my hubby was beside me.  THey seemed like they were waiting for us to leave before they did something, but they gave up and just started. Someone pulled out a bunch of marijuana and lit it up. What! I was so shocked! They were all passing it around when just about floored me. My poor husband was terrified. A girl, J, was there and went to my hubby and told him he had to try it. I knew he was nervous. Well, somehow, she was trying to put the smoke in his mouth, but there was fire around it and it was burning his face around his mouth! I was like, WHAT THE HECK!  Next it was my turn, and J wanted to help me. She got thick black ash all over my front teeth! Yeesh. So I just did it myself.  I invited Erik to come and chit chat and I saw an orb fly by. I think it was just a reflection from something I was wearing though. I also noticed my mom seemed to have had too much. WEIRD DREAM! 



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