My Irish Customer

I was at work, and our showroom was very large. Since I was just about to go and take a shower, since our power had been out. A young man, in his 30s asked me if I could help him. I told him I was about to take a shower, but maybe my Dad could help. Then I decided, no, I would talk to him. So, we started chit chatting about things. There was some mess on the floor, and he started cleaning it up! It was my job, but for some reason, he wanted to help me do it, and I was so embarrassed that he had. Also, I was happy and grateful.

We were talking about the wallpaper on the wall. It was really ugly, it was burgundy and the paper went right down over the moulding. It was peeling at every seam and looked SO bad. I asked my mom why on Earth she had done that and she said some people liked it.

ANyway this guy I was talking to was Irish. And we agreed how awful the wall was. As we chit chatted and walked around, we fell in love. We were so happy too. We held hand.

Now we were on the school bus. I was sad because it was the end of the year, and he might have to go back home and leave me. We were sitting diagonally across from each other chit chatting. He was saying that he was on maternity leave and i was like “WHAT!” and he said that in Ireland, he was an only child, so it was called maternity leave, when he grew up, he got to have a break from regular school, and he was taking that leave now, to be in Canada. He was thinking of a way he could stay.

Some people got on the bus, and I saw my friend, K. I moved over in case he wanted to sit but he sat in front of me instead. I was asking him questions about Ireland to see what we could do. I had 2 necklaces, my BF liked one, and the other one, I put on K. He was like “WTF! I don’t want to wear this!” I told him it would make a nice present for his girlfriend when he got back. I said it doesn’t matter what type of girl she is, every woman likes to get jewellery chosen from them from their lover. Funny, the necklace my boyfriend liked, I ended up actually wearing to work today.


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