Soccer Team Round Up

I know I had another dream that I tried to remember, but right now I forget what it was.

Anyway, so, we were going to start a girls soccer team I guess. For some reason, I wanted to be part of it. I thought I would be able to do a good job. I was worried I wouldn’t have enough stamina to play but I had a small inkling that maybe I could do it.

I tried rounding up people to play for us. I found some friends, and people who used to play soccer, and started getting our team together.

Next, I found my friend T, and asked her if she’d like to join. She thought about it and then said yes. We were walking around the mall, thinking about what shoes to wear. I decided I would just wear my regular sneakers instead of having to buy cleats. She said she would too. I told her that I was going to be a fullback position and she got SO mad saying I couldn’t, because she was going to. I was like “There are more than one spots!” She thought her chances would be diminished if I did it. She said she deserved it because she had won a medal in middle school for that position. Okay whatever. Then she said she didn’t want another girl, KH on our team. I told her we had to take her because she was really good and we needed good player!

Anyway, so now I was at my house, that I grew up in. It was snowing outside, and I wanted to go out with my friends, so I looked around for some boots. I found a pair of my mom’s that were wedge sneaker type boots but I thought they would be better than nothing.

As I was about to go outside, I realized, the other team had come to harass us. I was so scared, I pushed on the front door to lock it, just in time, and then I ran to the other door to lock it. As I was trying to lock it, guys were pushing in and I was struggling to get the door closed so I could lock it. I was so scared and desperate. I called for my dad and he came. There was a picture hanging on the wall, and he reached his hand behind it and pulled out a knife. Like a large jackknife. I was so surprised that that was in there.

Then, the guys behind the door pulled out a knife too! AHH! I yelled at them that I had called the police and they would be here soon so they’d better get away from us. The scattered and ran back around to the other side. I hadn’t actually called the police but thought it would be a good time to!

I pulled out my phone and tried to call 911. AGHH! I kept hitting the wrong numbers (like ALWAYS in my dream) 711, 912, 411, ect. ARGH. I wondered how this could be happening, since that only should happen in my dreams, not real life (ha). I used all of my concentration, and FINALLY got 911 dialed.

A woman answered the phone and I said “Hello, I need police here right now at my house.”. I gave her all of my info, very clearly. I worried and worried that they wouldn’t get there in time, and also worried if they were taking me seriously, or if they would even come.

On another note, I had a neat dream a few days ago. I was at my friend’s house, and I walked outside on the front step, and the sky was lit up with Northern Lights. It was SO beautiful! More amazing than any I have ever seen. I was thinking about how amazing it was, and saying that a rainbow is just as beautiful but since we see them all the time, we don’t realize how pretty and spectacular they are.


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