Crooks in the House

This morning, in real life, I stayed home from work for a few hours. I woke up really sick, and I’m sure it was the supper we ate last night. I felt sick most of the night. Anyway, on to the dream:

I had stayed home from work sick (Which made me think this was all real life, since my dream was picking up where I was in real life). I got out of bed a couple hours later, because I heard something, I went out my door, and there was a woman, man and a young daughter standing there. They were really surprised to see me, and kind of started to apologize. I asked what they were doing but that answered something else. I thought that maybe they had come to look at our house to buy, and the real estate agent didn’t tell me, because she thought I wouldn’t be home. I noticed something yellow and gooey by the bathroom door floor, and I swooped down to wipe it up.

I asked again what they were doing there, and they said they were buying things. We walked up the hall, and I saw my computer was gone, our kitchen table, furniture ect. I was like “What the heck?”. The husband showed me a print out email or ad or something from like, Kijiji. It said “CHEATING SPOUSE, HUGE SALE” or something like that. I said “What is that! There’s not cheating spouse here!”. Then I realized it had been a scam. Someone had made it up to get people to steal our things unknowingly and pay them. I asked how they had gotten into the house, and they said ‘The door code” I thought it had to have been my dad. When we did renovations, he freely gave out our door code to anyone who needed it, which freaked me out a little.

So, I went out side with the family, and told them that yeah, we planned to sell our house, so maybe then I would sell this stuff. The amount the offered me actually wan’t bad, but I guess thinking back they weren’t gonna pay me, they were gonna probably pay the crook. They asked me where I got the kitchen set, and I told them we bought it at the local furniture shop, that it was the first time in our lives we could actually buy a real table and chairs and we were so happy.

Suddenly, the husband said “Alright, we can’t do this anymore, you’re just believing everything we say.” He started lunging towards me, with his hands for my throat, and I realized that it was THEM in charge of this, they were the bad guys. I screamed and tried to fight back, Somehow I grabbed him and threw him down on the ground. I yelled to my husband to run in and get the gun. The rifle. We didn’t have a gun but I thought it might scare them into leaving, and then I started running to me neighbours house.

I ran to their house and started yelling to the grampy that was staying with them. I managed to get in through the basement, and ran up stairs looking for people, hoping they wouldnt think I was an intruder and attack them. Lucky for me, D was home! Phewf! I told him what happened and asked him to come help. He jumped up without hesitation and ran back to my house with me. When we got there, the police had arrived, and the bad guys had been captured. Lots and lots of people from the village were in our hard, all lined up in about 6 different lines. They pushed me to the front of oneline, where I received a blue heart necklace, plastic. Everyone was receiving them, with various different colours. I felt a bit guilty though, since i Had left my family alone there while I ran away to get help.

Also, the weird thing, I fell back asleep, and dreamed it all again! Only this time some of the details were different. So. Weird.


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