Meeting Rayna James

We were at a place, and for some reason, my husband and i were in charge of my grandmother’s safe. It was housed in a building, and it looked like a car trunk. I think it must have been in the bank. My husband was excited because he would get money, like $30,000 but I chastised him and said it wasn’t about money, it was about our responsibility to take care of these thing. We looked through the safe a bit, and noticed a bag with a couple of red necklaces in it. A baggie. Mom said they were for Aunt T, but she had died first, so I could throw them away if I want (encouraging me not to have to feel the need to keep things for sentimental value), but I said that I would never throw them away. I asked my mom if the safe was fire proof and she said yes.

Now, we were leaving, and as we walked out, Connie Britton (Or Rayna James, from Nashville), was walking by. I was too embarrassed to say anything so my husband said “Are you RAYNA JAMES!! My wife is the HUGEST fan of Nashville!!!”. She was so shocked and couldn’t believe it. She had never heard anyone say they were fans of Nashville, so I ran up really excited to talk. She asked if I had any thoughts on the show, and all I could think of to say was “Of course, I wish you and Deacon would just be together! But I’m sure everyone says that!”.

Her manager pulled me aside, very angrily. He said that in a few moments, she had planned to quit the show, but now I’ve complicated things. He wanted me to go back and tell her to just quit. Umm?? He asked me to get in the car with them for a chat. I was nervous, and knew my mom would be waiting for me. (Which, prompted me to try and call her for most of the rest of the dreams, but I couldn’t get the numbers right on my phone of course). Anyway, I got in the car.

I started talking to “Rayna”. She said that she was planning to quit the show and study art in Italy. I asked her if she was good at art, and did she really love it, and she said yes. Then she said that the love of her life was an artist in Italy, so she was going there for him. I asked if she was the love of HIS life, and she said yes. I told her that maybe he could move to LA, or somewhere in California, and they could commute to each other. Wasn’t the weather in California like Italy? I told her that she needed to follow her dreams, and do what made HER happy. But that she had responsibilities too. I reminded her of all the jobs people would lose if she left.

Next I said “I don’t believe that you only live once (the manager smirked at me in the rear view mirror, and got what I was saying), but you have to make the most of THIS lifetime, so with that being said, you need to find what makes you completely happy and run with it”. I was very careful not to tell her what to do, one way or another (even tho I wanted her to stay so I could watch another season of Nashville), and even though the manager wanted me to tell her to just go, but I wanted to be fair with what I said.

I guess at this point I must have gotten mom’s phone number right yeesh.
I also had another dream that I was teaching an elementary class, but for some reason, I forgot to teach them anything, and we just played and did different things, and I realized a test for them was coming up. Oh no! How could I fit everything in to get them ready?! YIKES! And I dreamed as well that there was a big storm coming, and I wondered if it would be better to live in a big fancy tall apartment building, or a short 2 story one that wasn’t fancy, so maybe the wind and storm wouldn’t get it.

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