Animals in the Living Room & Rubicon

My husband and I had just gotten home, and in our yard a tree had fallen, it was all grey and old, and underneath it was a huge buck deer. It was laying motionless under the tree. I wondered if it had got tangled in the tree and died? But it was such a strong animal for that to happen. Had the tree fallen on it? My husband ran over to it, and I warned him to be careful, it may still be alive, and upset. He said “No it’s not!” He poked at it’s antler, and it stirred. I told him to run away from it. We ran into the house, and I searched around for some food to dive it. The deer came to the window (it was more like a reindeer or a caribou, it was so large), and nuzzled it’s head on my hand. Awwe it was so sweet! I found some carrots in the fridge, remembering that Sven liked carrots (Ahh Frozen obsessed 3-year old in my house). 
I gave the deer carrots and he gobbled them all up. I wondered if my husband would be annoyed if I used all the carrots, and then thought we could just buy some more. I’m not sure what happened next with the deer.
Now we were all in the house (but it looked different), and there was a bear in there! A young bear, and we were trying to shoo it out through the glass doors in the living room. We knew the Mama bear must be around too! Finally we almost got the baby shooed out, when the mama came through. We all got out of her way and she ran through to her baby. I feel like there were more animals. Oh!
Okay, then we heard a coyote! Everyone was really freaked out and worried. We were all scared because apparently it was a really dangerous thing to see. My grampy was there! I’m so happy I could see him! He told me that we had to rub soap on our forearms to ward off the coyotes. He said it was a certain soap (I could smell it), and that it would be similar to regular aveeno bar soap. You just rub the dry bar on your arms (and maybe shoulders). I spent a lot of the rest of the dream looking for that soap.  
I was in Shopper’s Drugmart, but where it was when I was a kid. There was barely any thing there for soaps, mostly decorations and things. I thought my mom would like to go there to see all the pretty things.  I think eventually I did find the soap.
Later, I had a dream that B had performed a song in front of a lot of people and it was really cute. After that we went outside. It was out side at D&G’s house, and I was in a tent chatting to a friend. I looked up and saw a black plane flying above us. Weird. I pointed it out and it got closer and closer. I realized it was a black helicopter and it was about to land on the lawn. I was so scared, I ran inside as fast as I could. My friend started to run inside too, and I opened the door for her. Our dog tried to run in too but she hit her face on the screen door and fell back and rolled on the ground.  I ran in the house, looking for somewhere to hide. I jumped down the stairs, and watched as the man entered the house.
He was looking for D. She had ordered a fancy decorative plate and he was delivering it! Wow! It must have been an expensive plate for helicopter delivery. When someone mentioned that he laughed and said it was just his hobby. Someone said that D had spent so much money, she had to pay with Rubicon. Apparently, when something was so expensive, regular money couldn’t buy it, you had to go a level up and pay with the currency called rubicon. Weeeiiirrrrrd. 

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