The New House from Dad

Okay first, I want to apologize. To you, and to myself. I have not been keeping up with the blog for most of the summer! I have still been having all of the dreams, and thinking about them, but somehow I’ve lost motivation to record. SO, the dream I’m about to write down was from last weekend, about 6 days ago. It’s still in my head so I will record this one for today, and try to get back on track!

I was on a bus, or in a car, driving through Avondale.  I noticed a construction site, between two houses, and saw that someone was building a house. I realized it was my dad building a house for me! My mom and I went in to check it out. I was happy that he was building me a house, but thought he started quite quickly and I hadn’t told him exactly what I wanted. I knew I gave him a blueprint example earlier to tell him it looked like a nice house, but we hadn’t even made any decisions yet. I really had hoped I could have picked out all the details myself.

So we went into the house and looked around. Oh it was quite nice! When we first walked in, it was pretty unfinished, but as we continued, it became totally furnished and everything. I went from room to room, it was so beautiful and spacious.  The ceilings were SO high and I loved it! It was absolutely beautiful. I suddenly panicked a bit that my dad may not have taken our budget into consideration and wondered how we would pay the mortgage. Oh no. I thought we’d come up with it somehow.  There were two livingrooms, and just beauitful decorations and furniture.

I went into one room, and there were about 100 rows of bean bag chairs, all going way up to the ceiling, like movie-theatre seating.  I started to climb up the bean bag chairs and realized that none of them were hooked it. I started sliding down the mountain of bean bags.  At that point, something weird happened where I was being capture by vampires but I don’t remember the rest.  


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