The bridge and the jean jacket.

Okay, I was at an airport at first, and then I went outside. I was walking down the road and I saw a couple together. Then she got up and started walking away. She was small, young (Probably early 20s), and had really short shorts on. Long brown hair. She was a little rough looking and I realized she was a prositute. She called to a guy on a bicycle coming towards us, and she yelled out to him, his name was something Reamer. I thought that was a weird name. Anyway he tried to ignore her but she called him out for using her services before. 
Anyway I kept walking, and we got to a bridge.  I hung my purse and jean jacket on the rail, and walked over the first part of the bridge to look out. It was a walking bridge, and lots of people were just enjoying the view off the side.  I realized I had to go back and turned to walk back. I looked down and saw the small path I had walked had no rails and the water was moving quickly through. Holy! I was so scared to go back, I wanted somethigng to hold on to.  Somehow I got back and realized that I had left my purse and coat on the rail. Why did I leave it? Of course, a guy who was a friend (I don’t know who he really was, had stolen it). Actually I think he just stole the coat. I looked at my purse and everything was still there, phone, wallet, ect.
So he sheepishly realized he was wrong and went to get my coat back. When he came back, it wasn’t my coat. He went again and came back again with the wrong coat. Agh. At that point I realized this might be some bad plan designed to trap me somehow. I followed him anyway and took my chances. 
We walked past this big window on the top floor of the “airport”. It was looking down to the main level.  There was a stand off there! Somehow, kids had brought guns in and had planned a big shooting, but the people in charge there (police?) managed to get the upper hand. The kids were all laying face down on the floor. Other police came in with rope, tied it around the kids’ feet, and pulled them away. I wondered if we should not stand so close to the window, in case the fired at us or something. 

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