Help Crossing Over

This dream was really weird. It started out that I was goign to school. I was still registering/dropping classes.  All of my courses were actually really neat and interesting.  I had one class open now since I had dropped one and had to find one to fill the spot. I didn’t want anything to difficult like math or calculus, but something interesting. I finally found one, and had to go to this guy’s weird office.  I went to his office and sat down at his desk.  I forget now what happened next. I feel like there was something about a ghost/dead brother.
Fast forward way ahead.  I was upstairs at my parent’s house.  My brother and I had kind of taken over the attic. (Even though there is no attic, and my daughter and I have actually taken over the basement in real life).
There was a girl there, and we suddenly realized that one of the girls there was a ghost.  I went to talk to her. She told me she had been dead for a while but she couldn’t cross over. She had tried everything and nothing had worked.  They had called me over because they believed I could help.  I wasn’t sure if I could, but I gathered my confidence to help.
I gathered my crystals and asked her to choose some. She couldn’t do it, so i chose a flat quartz and a very yellow citrine stone (side note, as I’m typing this, I can physically feel the angels touching my shoulder right now).  I stood very close in front of her, and asked for the other people to give me a moment.  A couple of other ghosts popped in and were all over me, one on my back and one too close, and I said very clearly “You cannot be here right now. You are not allowed. You have to go. Thank you goodbye”. And they did leave. So, I went back to the woman. I said very clearly “I call Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Uriel.  All of your angels.  Please now, I ask you to take her back to the light, to home, to heaven.” I used all of my intentions and focus, and right then, she disappeared. I knew she had crossed over. I couldn’t believe it had worked! But I was so glad it had.
Isn’t that weird? It made me wonder if that actually happened. If I was actually doing that in another dimension last night while I was sleeping….

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