Past Life Memory Dream

Alright so I was hoping I might get a glimpse into a past life last night. I think I might have.
I can hardly remember this dream.. it’s so vague because it happened early in the night. I think I was part of an Indian tribe. I know that I saw the name of a tribe in my dream but I can’t remember what it was Sioux is in my head, but I don’t think that was it.  Anyway, another group of people were there as well.  I thought at first it was white people (I mean I thought when I woke up), but now I think it may have been another group of Indians, different than us.  They had the upper hand, and there was something sinister.They had more power or more weapons, or something.
I gained their trust and had them believe that we were obedient to them somehow.  Then when I thought the time was right, I had them distracted and tried to lead my own people to safety and escape.  I wasn’t fast enough and they turned and saw us.  I know at that time I had to use my bow and arrow to protect and defend.  Some of my arrows were flims like straw but some worked.  I’m not sure what happened next.
I was trying so hard to remember this dream that it got into other dreams. A friend R had posted something in a book or something asking for people to talk about dreams about past lives and I wrote about it there. It was weird because somehow I found a way to tpe on the page, even though it was a printbook. I held my phone in front of it and typed to send it to her instantly.

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