The Owner of Halifax

Okay I had moved to Halifax, and I had a resume prepared to drop off to an important company. I felt like I would get this job.  So, my old roommate Sara was driving me to the place.  It was down a street close to the waterfront.  Suddenlys he started going fast and I was like “Slow down”! and then I realized she was going fast to get through the light before it turned red. We made it. We got to the place and I was like “STOP!” shoot, we went past it. We went back and parked outside the building. I got my resume out and looked it over. OH for goodness sakes! I didn’t put my name on it! I was all dressed up and ready to go in but I couldn’t because my name wasn’t on it and it didnt look professional. I could see my name was there on one part but it would be hard for them to see it.
Sara and I went to a bench on the side and poured 2 shots of gin.  It tasted pretty good and I felt slightly better.  I thought we shouldn’t have taken a drink because now we would have to leave the car there and walk instead. Shoot.  I looked to the left, and the beautiful ocean/beach was there. I suggested we go there for a while until she could drive again.
We went back to the car, and I guess something was wrong with it (I guessed it was because of the check engine light). She had the hood up and she had put oil or something in it. Things were flowing around in there and she was investigating. I had NO idea what to do so I just stood there with my arms crossed. Just then all of the men from the place I was going to apply to came out. They were all kind of fancy, but they felt like they needed to help us. They were impressed with Sara and I was embarrassed to just be watching.
Then a very old man, very fancy/rich, tanned, and in a really expensive suit, pulled my arm and asked me to go walk to the beach. He insinuated that I was important and that’s why he took me, but that Sara had to stay and fix the car.  We started walking, and he walked over to these kids listening to a CD player, and he snatched the earphones away. Then he snatched the CD player away too, because he wanted us to listen to it (he had very poor social skills IMO).  Those to young people were like WTF, but one of them said “That’s Mr.___ (I forget). He OWNS Halifax”. So what I got from that was whatever he wants, you do.
So we started walking again. He said “I enjoy the beach”. I said “Me too”. He glared at me like that answer was not proper so I changed it to “I enjoy the beach as well”. he was satisfied with that. I had to be careful not to offend him.  I thought to myself it would probably be easy to train me to be more proper with someone as scary and grumpy as that glaring at me all the time.
We stepped down on the beach and I took my socks off. I ignored the glare from that one.  I was standing on a pile of sand and I started to lose my balance. Out of instinct he reached out to steady me, but I resisted and regained my balance so I wouldn’t have to make him do something out of order or touch my hands that had touched my socks.

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