Band Practice

Pre Dream: I was having a dream that my friend D had a radio station. I could hear it playing but not very well. My friend A said I would have to raise up the height of my wire or transmitter or something in order to hear it.  He found a spot where it was high enough and said I had to plug my buckle into it. (I know, weird).  I did and he said I would get the bill for data used later, so I quickly unbuckled it. Didn’t need the connection that bad! Now onto the real dream.
Alright, I had gone back to University.  I went to listen to my friend’s band rehearse. I was there with the guys, and they were singing and playing. I didn’t know the song, but I was thinking it might be nice if I could sing the harmony. Hmm… how do I do that? I wasn’t really sure actually. I started quietly singing myself, and I noticed that they were already doing a great job with the harmony. I didn’t know the words so it was kind of hard.
My friend, M was there.  And we were hanging out and having fun. He was encouraging me to sing with them. I felt like I would have been a lot more comfortable if I was playing a guitar and singing because I would have more control, but I didn’t even know how to play that song.  One friend J, nudged us and asked if we were dating, and I said “Nope!”, M said “I am man! Hear me roar!”. And he meant that he just got jealous when I was with someone else, that’s all, but he was kind of teasing.
It was time to go back to our rooms, and M and I left. In a reflection on the door I could see myself. I had a cute hat on and I was all bundled up. I was wearing slightly flared jeans. I thought skinny jeans would have been better, but I didn’t mind. I was find with my body, even though I had gained weight. M walked behind me, pushing me through the yard.  In a fun way.  I let him push me and kept my feet on the ground, like I was skating with shoes one.
My friend T came, and was like “What are you doing?!”. I told her I was skating, and going home. She said “You guys aren’t together are you?!” And I said no, reminded her I Was married, and that we would never be together!”.  M left, and T and I started walking together. We got to an escalator, and started up.  When we almost got to the top, a few of the steps started going in the wrong direction. We were like “What the…” and we jumped over and got up to the top.
We looked back and saw another guy stuck on the weird steps. He was trying to go up and he kept ending up going back down. I felt like we should help me, when I realized he was special.  He needed extra help. I guess we didn’t help him though?
We got to the elevator, and started to get one. We were going up but the elevator was going down. but we decided to get one anyway and wait for it to go back up. I didn’t push the button because I knew it would just delete once we got to the bottom. A weird short man with red hair and freckles was running the machine. He had his shirt unbuttoned way down, and his chest was covered in hairless freckles. He had an earring on.  He was about 50 years old. He reminded me of a man I knew, R, but it wasn’t him.

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