Portal to Another World

I don’t remember entirely this dream, but since it was the second of the same nature this week, I thought I should write it down.
It started out that my Dad and I were in another country. Somewhere like Indonesia or Philippines, or something.  We were at a market, and I needed some cold medicine. My dad walked in and said “Do you have any drugs?!” He meant medicine, but I was like “DAD! You can’t say that here in the middle of the street!”. I guess the guy understood Korean because I asked for medicine in Korean. First I asked for headache medicine, and he didn’t have any, so I asked for cold medicine. He said wait he’d go get some. He had to go to another shop to buy them and I wished I had known there was a Yak Guk (Pharmacy) near, and I could have gone myself. He came back with a blister pack of medicine.
At that moment, I knew something was wrong. I knew we were about to be attacked.  They had been suspicious of us, and they were worried (even though we really were no threat). The shop keeper was handing me the medicine, but I could see in my eyes, he was waiting for someone on the outside to jump in. To protect us, I had to kill one of their people.  After I killed that one person, I killed several more. There were a lot of them.
I was running away, trying to escape, when a whole bunch of them came in with weapons. Clubs, knives… I was so outnumbered, someone told me to run up to the ceiling. I was walking along the beams of the ceiling trying to escape.  I knew I had to get out of this place. Somehow, I knew I had to get to a different land, I needed a portal. I reached into my pocket and found a magic bean. I threw it out in front of me, and jumped.  There was water below, and a portal had opened. I landed with a thud back in my own time.
Next scene, I was with my brother, sister in law, mom, family ect.  My brother said he had brought this woman in, and I had to go meet her. I realized it was a woman from the group of people I had just fought. WHAT! WHY did he bring her? I finally just escaped! I was so stressed and worried about going to meet her, and that she could hurt/kill me. I regretted that i had killed those people, but at the time it had felt like the only way. I looked back and thought, I had to kill the first one, and then after that I just kept going…. maybe I over did it…. I was feeling regretful, and torn about what I had done and what had to have been done.
So the weird thing, a few days ago, I had a similar dream. Suddenly I fell through a portal or something into this different time and place.  I forget everything that had happened, but there was a struggle and fight with one group of people. The chief or someone and his people.  When they were gone, it was just me and this one woman alone. (I was a man).  She didn’t trust me, and I knew that. I didn’t trust her either. She acted like we might be able to live half peacefully, but I knew at any second she could spring on me and try to attack me.  I forget what else happened though because it morphed into a dream about us going to Cuba for vacation, and Cuba Gooding Junior working at the security booth.

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