The Prince, the Stocky Man & Rumpelstiltskin

It started out that I was starting at a new job, in a big old brick/stone building. I went into the room on the third or 4th floor, and there were two girls there. They were kind of snobby and particular. One said that the boss wanted to talk to me on the phone. I hadn’t met him yet.  I took the phone and said in a nice phone voice “Hello~~”. I knew it annoyed the girls, thinking I was using a fake voice. The boss sounded excited and eager.
The boss asked me to look out the window. I could see down and he was down there working, building something with a few other guys. They were all smiling and asked me which room I was in so they could look up and see me. Now I had a large hat on, and I sort of hid behind it, but looked out the window. The boss saw me now, and beamed at me.  I went away from the window. He was beautiful and it made me nervous.
Now, I’m not sure if the boss was the same person but I think he was. We were a couple now, and we were walking down the hall together, hand in hand. It was really important for him that I always act completely proper. I think he was a prince actually, so there were a lot of customs to follow.  I forget what I did, but it made him mad because it wasn’t how I was supposed to act. He was so mad at me, and it felt like our relationship might end.
Fast forward. We were all in a banquet hall. Things were made of stone, ect.  There was a man there, he was shorter than the Prince, a bit stocky, with mousy brown hair, cut short with bangs, dressed in brown clothes.  Flash back, and I remembered he had come to my father to ask for my hand in marriage (This was all happening centuries ago I believe).  The same day, the prince had asked for my hand.  My father had chosen the prince, but not because he had more money, just because it was the better choice and I had felt more love for him.
The man in brown was very scorned and had carried around that anger.  I noticed him in the room, sitting behind us, and I asked my prince to ready his sword, because it seemed there would be an attack.  Before my prince had time to defend himself, the man in brown had stabbed him with tiny little swords the size of dinner forks. He had two of them. He planned to stab the eyes of my prince I think.  Something was weird too, like his own eyes had been stabbed (by himself?). It was terrifying.
I ran to my prince, he was laying on the ground with other surrounding him.  I got down on the floor and kissed his lips. True love’s kiss.  If anything could save him, it would be true love’s kiss. He started to wake a bit. I kissed him again, and could feel a bit of strength coming back. I knew then that our fight had been so trivial, and that we truly loved each other deeply.
Just then the door opened. There was Rumpelstiltskin, and his father (Not the Peter Pan version, but the regular man).  I knew somehow something had happened and they had come back to life. I was so relieved, Rumpel was alive!  They were obviously weak. I hugged Rumpel and asked frantically “Do you have magic?!”.  He nodded that yes he did. I said “Please you have to help us! That man is terrorizing the kingdom and if we don’t stop him he will kill everyone!!”
Then I woke up.

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