Sky Diving and Curse Breaking (OUAT)

We were skydiving over Disney World.  There were about 30 of us, friends and family, all sky diving. We knew we were over Disney because we could see the Mickey Mouse Club House down there.  We were each holding a balloon, which was keeping us sort of afloat, and we were drifting down and to the right. The balloons were the kind you could buy at Disney, big Mylar balloons of Tinkerbell, Minnie Mouse, Ect.
I looked down and we were still so far from even reaching the clouds!  At this rate, we would float way past Disney by the time we landed. I suggested to everyone that we let go of the balloons so speed up the landing. We all did.  Some people were falling at faster rates than others, and I was trying to keep everyone more or less together.  My mom and I were both holding on to my Grampie W who passed away a few years ago. We knew he had died but that he was there.  I asked him if this was weird for him, falling from the sky and he said yes, and he looked nervous.

Soon we were to the clouds, and it was foggy as we passed through.  I worried as we fell that I would have to go WAY back to the beginning of Disney world to get my shoes. Shoot.
We all landed, and we were in the very last part of Disney. Well the Disney that’s always in my dreams. We were at the Caboose restaurant.  There were people eating but it wasn’t too busy because it was mid afternoon. Thankfully, the man in charge had brought our shoes over so we wouldn’t have to go back and get them.
The scene changed and I was in a house. I had a little key and I was trying to turn it. I also had the password, which the first “number” was a picture of a round of cheese. Weird.  I guess I was Emma Swan from OUAT, and Regina and I had to get this key to unlock the curse and break all of the curse. Anyway, we realized that we had the wrong key. We had to go back to another guy’s house to get the right one.
We went into his house, and he was magic or something too, and desperate. He was once really bad but sort of had become good but we still couldn’t totally trust him. Somehow I managed to swipe all of the little keys, and we started running back to the house. (They were old historic looking houses).  The man and his friends were chasing us, but Regina put up a magic wall that would hold them back for a minute.
We got back to the house and they key worked!
Regina, and I were sitting around a large old table with a few of our friends.  Because they curse was broke we could each say one hope or dream that we wanted to happen.  The girl beside me with long blonde hair wished she could be a man again (I guess the curse had changed her into a woman). She didn’t know where she would live and Regina said she could stay there. My turn. I wished to live happily with Henry, find the love of my life, and be able to open my heart to love.
I thought about who it could be. At first I thought maybe it would be George from Hart of Dixie, but hoped it wouldn’t.  Just then a group of guys came to the door. They looked in the window (but I had my back to the window, so I didn’t see).  Everyone at the table except Regina and I passed out. What the… I realized after that they had all fainted at the handsomeness of a blonde man in the window (ha).
Then there was a knock on the door, and it was the blonde man. He asked for the woman with the long blonde hair (me).  His voice was a bit shaky like he couldn’t believe what he had seen.
I went to the door, and my knees grew weak, and I fainted, face down. When I got up I was so disoriented, I tried to go out the door but I ended up going the wrong way.  The man held me up and hugged me. He was about a foot taller than me, and wore a light blue, soft t-shirt. I had my cheek on his chest and I looked up at him to talk to him. I realized he looked like a teenager. I was like 35 or something, how could a teenager be in love with me and vice versa?  He had an English accent, and said “Oh Emma. I’ve been watching you since they day you were born. I love you so deeply, I’ll grown and wait for you”. I got the impression *as an outsider looking in), that he wasn’t actually a teenager.  He had been around a looong time somehow. I was so happy he had found me though

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