The Purple Dress Competition

I was on the back of some type or trailer driving down the road with a tonnes of people on it. My old boss, J, was in front of me. She moved closer to the front and so did I but I didn’t want her to think I was following her, but I found it interesting how easy it was to move closer to the front if you just weave in through the crowd.  A friend, Sara was right beside me when I looked up and I wondered if she thought I thought she was following me, how I had worried about earlier.
To the right, was an old friend CP. I reached my hand out and we held hands for the rest of the ride.  Next I was in a different type of car, with 6 or 8 girls, we were all dressed in big fluffy dresses. R was wearing a yellow dress and she asked why I had worn my light purple dress since she had recently talked about it in her blog or something.
We arrived at our destination.  My dress was big and fancy, light purple, covered in crystals and sparkles.  When the carriage (?) stopped, I stepped out. I threw my shoes on the ground to step into. They looked too small but some part of me knew that iot was a dream so I willed them to fit.  They were very high heels and I slipped them on easily. Someone said to be careful but I walked fine.
My escort was CP from earlier.
I walked into a room, and I was announced. It was some type of competition.  They announced me as working as an advertising recruiter for a law firm, and asked if I still worked there. I agreed because I didn’t want to get into details of where I worked now and hoped they didn’t press further. One man said, oh are you going to be published in the bla bla blabla bla bla book? (Some technical law book), and I said I wasn’t sure.  My escort hadn’t arrived, and I was so upset and mad at him for leaving me there myself.  Finally he arrived! He was wearing man high heels so he was the same height as me.  I went down the 3 or 4 steps myself, but then they asked me to come back up.  There was a tall thin man with curly hair standing on the stage. When I got to the top step I put my hand out, and he took my hand and helped me up the last step,and kissed my hand.
I stood up with my escort, and the tall man was whispering to me how to hold my hand and where to point my nails (they were sparkly long purple nails).  Then, they announced I had won! I couldn’t believe it!  There had only been one person ahead of me, so they hadn’t even seen everyone but they had decided I was so refreshing that I had won. I thanked everyone and curtsied and went back to my room.
I was at my room relaxing and there was a knock on the door. I went to open the door and it was the female judge.  She asked me to come with her. I didn’t have my shoes on so I went in my stocking feet.  When we got there I hoped no one would notice.  I tried to make sure my dress covered my bare feet.
While standing up again on the platform, the lady said they had another thing for me to do. She said “Sing a fast song.  At least a verse and a chorus”. Umm ummm ummm my mind was blank.
I started singing “We wish you a merry Christmas” but she said no, no holiday music. I racked my brain over and over.  What could I sing?!?!
Suddenly, I started singing “Sunrise, Sunset”.  I was off key and forgot lots of words but made them up.  When I finished they were so pleased! They couldn’t believe I would have chosen such a great song. They all applauded, and I was allowed to leave. First though they played it back for me and it actually sounded much better than I had thought.
The lady judge followed me and told me I had so much potential and that maybe she would have to be my coach since I had never been coached before.
Just then, the door opened and about 10 girls came in. I knew they were the rest from the competition. They were all about 2 feet shorter than me, with blond hair and pink dresses. I thought they would be mad and mean to me since I won but they weren’t.   was some type of rare beauty that they liked. I was Canadian and they were British or something.  I was out of place because I felt so tall and big, but it was ok.  I suddenly wished I had sang “Ice Ice Baby” instead. That’s a really fast song. I wondered if that would have been better.

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