Guest Blogger: Sometimes Men Need to Dig

Guess what?  For the first time, I’m welcoming a guest blogger to post a dream.  And who better than my very own mom.  She told me her dream today, and by the end of it we were both laughing so hard I told her we’d have to write it down and add it to the blog.  I’m not even sure what struck us so funny, I think it was the part about the men digging.  Here you go folks!

I had just watched a tv show before going to bed, about a family business that they were thinking of expanding and adding other lines of items to sell. So in my dream my husband Jim and I had purchased a retail store in Moncton and were thinking of expanding it. It appeared to be some kind of either sporting goods store, or some manly store.

I was visiting the store for the first time and there were a few things I was interested in. So I carried these items in the top of my purse since I didn’t get a basket or cart. Anyway, one of the staff noticed me and asked it I had paid for my stuff, so I said no, but I will be. Well, he almost burst with excitement that he was catching a thief, so then I explained I was the new owner and it kind of deflated him.

Jim and I were looking over the store and came to this huge area full of sand. There was dry sand and wet clumped sand and I said, what on Earth is this all about?! Jim told me it was a new area, that sometimes men just need to dig! In this area were all kinds of men with shovels, digging in the sand! Some were digging big lumps of wet sand out of deep areas and some were just digging the dry stuff up and then watching it fall from their shovels. Weird. But I guess it was satisfying since that area of the store was the busiest.

Then we went to see how the check out system was working, but there was a big line up so we went around it to the front. The lone cashier was up on a pedestal area and customers were climbing up a few steps to her. I told Jim “Something must be wrong, we’d better check this out!” We walked up to her and she didn’t know how to use the cash register so she was using a little hand calculator and was trying to figure out the totals, taxes and change. It looked like a disaster, but she did get the customers all looked after and then was happy to show us her system.


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