Support through the Drips and Drops

I was somewhere eating, and I think it was high school.  I forget the first part or what exactly was going on, but I was sitting with my friends at our table.  Someone was being mean to me, and I can’t remember what she was doing. Blaming me for something or making fun of me.  I got up and left, no way was I going to sit there for that.  I walked out of the building, and when I looked back, my whole group of friends were following me.
One friend, JM said “When you left, I stood up and said ‘We’re walking out too'”. I was so shocked and grateful for their support. I never expected them to stand up and support me that way and I was so very happy.  We walked together now.  It seemed like we were walking the path from my grandparents’ barn, towards their house.
When I got to the house, I was with another friend CL. He came in with me and we stepped into the kitchen.  What the… the ceilings were leaking and dropping. There were two big parts where water was dripping quickly down from the ceiling.  Oh no! I thought for a second… should we try to fix it, or will everything from the room above soon fall through the ceiling and crush us. I decided to do whatever I could to help.
My Grammie was in the other room and for some reason she either didn’t understand or just didn’t know how to deal with the situation.
My friend  put his hand on my lower back and guided me around the room. I felt so much support, care, and love from him that the job seemed a lot easier.
I bend down and started digging through the cupboards until I found two large bowls or pots and placed them under the drips. I got towels and cleaned up the rest of the water from the floors.

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