Back to School!

For some reason, I was about to start grade 12, high school, but I was starting at a different school.  I was really excited about the new endeavor but slightly nervous.  I knew I was nervous, but I took a deep breath and decided to just jump in and do it.
I was wondering where the bus was and hoping I wouldn’t miss it. I saw it drive past, and go down a road to turn.  For some reason I had a scooter that was my moms, so I parked it fast in front of a shop. I had to hurry before the bus got back.  Hmmm what would I do with the keys? I thought about putting them under the seat but instead ran inside and gave them to the cashier and told her they were for my mom and she’d pick them up.
As I waited, there were other kids. They looked at the wallpaper on my phone and said “Is that your boyfriend?” I said “No, my husband”. They were shocked and were like “HOW old are you!!” I thought “Umm how old should I say? Should I say 20? Could a 20 year old be in high school??”
Eventually we got to the school. My name was different though, it was Becky. I was looking all over for my classroom, you had to find your name on the front of one of the doors. I thought I should be in an “L” section. I looked everywhere.  Everyone was really nice to me, I was pretty and cool and I felt much better than I had thought I would feel at a new school.
FINALLY eventually I found my class.  I was looking for a seat, since I was late, all eyes were on me.  Some of the desks were all jammed up and there wasn’t space to sit down in them, but then I found one to sit in.  We were discussing a book that the class was reading.
Next I was at my Aunt’s house, and my school teacher was there. I was complaining to her that I wanted more out of the class, I wanted to talk about the character in the books and what their motivations and feelings were, but no one else in the class cared. I wondered if it was because they were all young and didn’t care and now that I am older I want more out of life.

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