Brace yourselves.  This is a weird long hodge podge of dream sequences coming up.  I’m blaming this on the full moon.

It all started at work (I work at a kitchen design and manufacturing shop for real life).  J and I were in charge or renovating my Dad (my boss)’s office.  We decided to paint the walls Grey, and do the cabinets in a light grey. We contemplated on the counter colour and decided on a dark laminate with an extra thick corian edge. i wondered what to do with his old desk. Should we dump it? No! J said we could probably get $500 out of it if we sold it since it had a nice corian top.

Next, I was at the car shop, where I get my car fixed. I was inside and for some reason I had brought samples over, thinking they should have new cabinets by their reception desk.  I was talking to one of the guys there showing him the colours, and i suddenly realized I knew the perfect handles for them too, that sort of looked like wrenches or something.  I looked up and he was like “uhh ok” and just then I realized no one had asked me to go there, why was I there? I was so embarrassed! I gathered up my door samples, and started to leave. I was wearing my orange PJ bottoms and wedge sandals and I scuffled out seriously embarrassed.

When I got to my car, I noticed in the backseat there were a bunch of car seats and people facing each other (like how they would in a hot tub) I drive a toyota echo.  I opened the door and was like “Hey! Get outta my car!!”  Once I got them out, I tried to drive away.  A woman from Ontario who had planned to take my car or something to take her kids away wasn’t letting me go.  She was trying to old onto my car and I couldn’t shake her off. I was like “Get away from me!”.  We were fighting back and forth, and as I drove, she reached in and grabbed my ipad.  She threw it over some ledge way down into a stream and it was gone. It was so permanent.  She was still holding on as I drove down the road trying to shake her.  Eventually somehow we decided on a truce and she left me alone.

Next I was in some other place, and someone was going to get arrested.  I knew this whole thing was going to happen because I had had a vision of it or something. It was weird cause everyone was wearing the same outfits from my vision so I knew it would happen.  A girl from my elementary school was a police officer chasing the other person. I thought it was a good job for her because she was really athletic and she could run fast.

Next, I was in a room, with my friend’s old boyfriend SD.  He had one arm.  We were laying down and he was going on about me being prejudiced about one armed people when we were young and i was like “What the heck! No I wasn’t! If someone loves a one armed man who cares!”   I fell asleep and when I woke up someone had an arm around me, and said “Sorry” or something. I looked to see who it was and it was my husband. I was SO happy to see him laying there beside me! I hugged him and got up realizing I should get ready for work.  Our daughter B was still beside me sleeping, so I slipped out.  We were living in a rented out, and as I walked to the bathroom, I went by an empty room, that had belonged to someone (maybe the crazy lady from earlier dream?).  I was wearing a shirt that was too small and knew she had given it to me for some reason.

As I was taking a shower and getting ready I thought about things.  We were living in England, but not London.  Outside the window were big old historic buildings, one of which our flat/house was in.  Wait.. I thought… Where do I work? I worked at a school.  But, what did I do there? I wasn’t a teacher I knew.  How do I take my daughter to day care? Where do I take her? How do I even get to work?  My husband had been taking her every day I guess, so I thought he must know what do do.  Was he going to show me today? What the heck was going on.

The End.


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