When I was Chinese

                    I was teaching a class, and I came into the room.  We were talking about the teacher before me.  We were saying it was weird, he came from Alberta and didn’t expect to have chalk boards so he had a hard time writing on it and keeping up. He didn’t know he’d have to transcribe everything on the board. I thought, “What’s he used to to begin with? It’s not that hard to write on a chalk board.. maybe they use some type of smart board”. I looked behind me and there was a white board which I thought was confusing, since it’s really easy to write on a white board. As I hummed and hawed, I thought I would start writing on the board, but then a student piped up “Teacher? I thought you said we were going to make dolls…”
                    Right! I did say we were going to make dolls! Hmm. There were stacked of coloured paper, so I thought we could cut out body parts and glue them together.  Then I had a better idea.  We would make paper dolls that all connected to each other.  There was a stack on 11×17 paper on the desk, and I pulled one off to start making it. Shoot, someone’s homework was on the back. I kept flipping through the stack, thinking it was new paper but someone’s homework was on the back of all the pages. Finally I found a sheet and started folding back and forth like a fan. The students were learning and making it too.
                    One of the kids just had a picture of a doll drawn on, so I showed her how to draw and cut only half a doll.  (Side note, I just tried this method of making a paper doll link, and it turned out really weird. I need to practice I guess) When I unfolded mine the body was super long and weird (in the dream).
                    Next, I was standing on the side of the road with 2 red headed girls, K1 and K2.  K1 was now working in a bakery and I was proud of her for getting a real job.  She was also an actress in movies.  We were talking when suddenly they started trying to bully me. I was like “No WAY”, and I grabbed K2 and held her close to the busy street and threatened them.  Then I left them there and walked across the street, on the cross walk.  I was Chinese, and I wondered if the people in the cars would stop for me, of if they thought “meh. she’s Chinese, not a real human”. I kept my head up and continued walking.
                     I walked into a Chinese restaurant.  There was a Chinese woman who took me over to the side. I kind of got the feeling like maybe I didn’t have parents so I had to work to support myself, and I was young.  She told me that when the dining room to the right emptied, it was my job to clear the tables and wash the dishes.  She told me that I would be answering to the chef in the back who I would call “Sensei”. No matter what he said I should answer “Ye sensei” she repeated it over and over to make sure I got it.  At one point, she said that “Sensei” also meant “shoes”.
                      I was waiting for the lunch to finish, and I was sitting in at a table with four chairs. Diagonally from me was another Chinese girl.  She had big curly hair, and wasn’t that pretty, but was nice, and quiet.  Just then, a group of 4 people came in, 2 young guys and 2 young girls.  They said to the girl across from me “Jessica, can you move so the girls can sit down”.  Shockingly, she happily got up and moved.  I was surprised. Pft.  Then I one guy said to the other “The other one will move too if you tell her to”. They were talking about me. I was SO mad. I shoved my chair back and stood up, and marched over to them.  I grabbed him by the collar and shoved him against the wall. I threatened him to never talk about me like that, and the two guys were like “WTF” and I didn’t care what they thought of me, I wasn’t a pushover.  I knew that I shouldn’t treat customers this way, and that I could get in trouble but I didn’t care.

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