Cleaning out the Sledge/Falling through time

I had the weirdest dream last night.
I was at some place, and a girl was working on me.  It’s hard to explain, but it was like she wasn’t actually there but she was there.  Like she was doing distance healing or something but I could see her there.  Her hands were on my back and arms, and they were so warm. I wondered how I could feel her hands if she wasn’t really there.
She was scooping this box out, that was my body.  There was green sludge stuff seeping up and she was scooping it up and throwing it out.  I was using my intention to get our as much sludge as I could.  She said that this was gross stuff that was in my body, and that the stuff that was bubbling up could turn into disease. Ahh!  It seemed like more and more was coming out and it was making me nervous.  She started getting slightly alarmed. She said I looked average, but for some reason I had more sludge inside, and it had to get out.
Then suddenly, from the other side of the “box” small fire balls or something were sputtering up.  That scared, me and I ran to the other side of the room, and hid behind the other guy that was there (who looked like Jim Parsons but was another angelic being or something like that).
We realized that there was something scary coming, like a dragon or something.  He ran with me, and we jumped out the window.  I didn’t know if we were in real life or a dream, or another dimension, but I knew we couldn’t stay where we had been.  We were falling through the air,  hands pointed down, moving really fast, and we stayed together.
When we landed, it was as if we had been thrown back or ahead through time, hundreds of years.  I looked around and it was so weird.  I looked completely different.  I had short hair and it was like I was a different person.  I knew though, that we were being pursued.  There was a young scary guy, sitting on a swing, and I knew he was looking for us, Jim (?) had gone to hide, and I was pretty incognito.  I talked to the young guy and knew he was hunting for Jim.  He mentioned there was no way the girl (me!!) would be alive, since I was a human and I would have been dead hundred of years ago.  I knew this was really lucky he didn’t know it was me again).
Meanwhile, Jim was sewing new clothes.  He was making an outfit he could wear that he didn’t need to show his face.  He wore cloaks, and had something almost like a burkah to cover his eyes (Lace part over eyes, solid on rest).  He was almost panicking.  He had a drawer (at this point, I think I was now him, or seeing through his perspective, so I will say “I” instead now).  So there was a desk with drawers, and I put the things I was working with, including some sort of important magic thing, in the drawers. I sort of worried someone could find them, but I didn’t have time.  I left, and ran through some corridors of old buildings.  I came out to a place where people were milling around.  They were all really skinny.  In this place, no one had enough food.  I started walking, when suddenly I knew they had found me.  The guys were after me, and I was running. Trying to put a protective bubble around myself, but it didn’t help.  I kept running.  At some point, I had a wooden arrow, and I threw it into one’s stomach.  There were more of them though.  They caught me, and I was trying to throw the last arrow, but kept missing, and the pointy part was gone anyway.
So they caught me.  They wanted to know where to magic stuff was. I said I had given it to a girl named “S” (Which was ME from when we arrived), the hint was that her name reminds you of breakfast (My name was Scarlett, so not sure why that was a hint?).  I forget what happened next… but I guess I must have woke up. Yeesh.

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