Parachuting Campers

It started off we were at a customer’s house, JD.  The weird thing was, their house was EXACTLY like the house I Grew up in, except slightly different furniture.  Everything was in the right place, but slightly altered.  I went to check on their new kitchen and realized it was on the lower level which i thought was really weird. Anyway mostly it looked fine, they were just waiting for a piece of granite. I went back up to the original kitchen and noticed they had the same counter we had had, but yellow instead of green, and I told them that used to be the only choice.

I was feeling really awkward in this house full of people, and I found a baby and picked it up.I carried it all around and it was so cute and could say a couple of words.  I couldn’t tell if it was a boy or a girl.

Later I noticed everyone was in sock feet and suddenly remembered that we were supposed to take off our shoes, but I was still wearing my boots. I was so embarassed and snuck to the entry way to slip my boots off.

I was sitting on the floor and now I was wearing someone else’s heels, that looked like mine. I realized it was the mean popular girl’s sitting behind me so I tried to take them off.The girls were mean and making fun or me or something. I didn’t careTHAT much but it was annoying. One asked me if we had any display kitchens in our showroom for sale, and to tell her when we did. I told her there’s a big wait list. Then I guess I wanted them to like me so I said there was one stained set, now that I thought about it. I had to explain the difference between stained and painted.

Now it was time to leave, so Janet and I somehow got a taxi.  The driver was an older rough looking woman with stringy hair but she was nice.  She pulled into Janet’s blue house driveway, and I realized that janet must have used her before.  We didn’t want to walk the rest of the way so we explained where my house was and she took us there.

She pulled into the club’s driveway next to our house, and we were sorting out the payment for the taxi.  It was going to be 27$. So I said we could give her a 3$ tip, and get $10 back from $40.The whole thing was super confusing.  Suddenly her car almost started to roll over the edge of the driveway towards the lake. I wondered how she would ever even get home!Was she sick? Or drunk.

I looked up in the air and there were dozens of campers and winebegos all on parachutes! It was AMAZING! They were floating down through the sky into the lake, it was a huge celebration with music and campers, and parachuters and unicicles and bicycles parachuting down. It was a famous troup doing it. It was so cool and festive! I tried to get my phone out to take a video but I’m not sure if I did.

Then I was with my friend’s Mom, and I wondered where my friend was.  She was asking about my other friend and mentioning things about her, and her face actually WAS the face of my other friend, T! Anyway, she was really clinging, and said she moved down the road. I liked her but I really didn’t want to have to hang out with her all the time.  And she was saying my name with a baby talk accent.


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