Spinning Down The Dimension Hole

We were at the Centreville Middle School. TLL, JM, Jm, Mom, and AG.  We were at the top of a hill, and I was wear wedge shoes. The hill was super steep and I was nervous about slipping down the hill but we made it!  CL was sick with the flu, and him and TLL lived in the school. I wondered where in the school and thought it was weird.
We were now around the end of the school, and mom, Jm, Jm, and AG wandered into an area with wooden fences that people weren’t suppsoed to go, because they wanted to see the horses.
Me and TLL turned around, and I apologized to her that i forgot to introduce her to everyone.
As we walked all of these people were trying to entice us to go to this cult, or group or something. We were trying to run away, but we didn’t know who we could trust and who would just bring us to the cult.  We were waiting for CL to come and save us, but he was sick.  This tall guy who looked like a korean star from Gu Family Book (The tall guy with the deep voice), but he was white, was really trying to get us into the group. I can’t remember his name but let’s call him “Sam”.
Me and TLL fled, and ended up in a car with some family, and headed out of town.  Sam jumped on a bike to try to follow us.  Eventually I guessed I realized “Wait! I am SUPPOSED to go with him!”. So I jumped out of the car while it was moving, and ran across 3 lanes of traffic, to the median where I waited. Finally, Sam go there, he didn’t know I was waiting, and he was completely exhausted and red, and he collapsed with the bike. In a surprising turn of events, I scooped him off the ground, and told him I was going with him. We ended up getting married too. He was my destiny.
Fast forward, and he brought me to this underground place to live. It was twisty almost like a screw all the way down, you just kept going in a circle and more rooms were everywhere.  The funny thing was that everyone had little wheely plasma car things that kids have.
I wheeled everywhere and there were soft shiny pillows, and kids rooms and everything.  I was so fast, I could do jumps with my plasma car.
So, I had started a business or something, and this place helped me SO much to make my business successfull.  I had a very fruitfull and happy career.  We also had one more baby, and we were all so happy.
We were given leave to go visit my parents after the birth of our second child.  Not sure how we got there, but I was on my plasma car, going really fast down a slide, which was in my bedroom, to make me feel more at “home” since I was used to useing a plasmacar every day.
I went to the kitchen, and Mom said “It’s been SO hard to keep this secret for 2 years” (She couldn’t tell people where we were or what we were doing) I said I know but she could never ever tell anyone.
She said my name out loud, but I forget what it was. I do know that my last name was long, and the last syllable was written in symbol instead of letters. It was like a square symbol, and sounded like “stone” or “Slate” or “hammer” or something. Almost like a viking name.
I looked at my husband and he said “You’re so cute with your upside down nose” and I realized that his nostrils were upside down from mine.  We were so happy.
Was he human? Were we on Earth?

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