Not Seeing in the Rain

We were at the house where we grew up. My Dad had paid my brother and I for a week of work, with cash in an envelope. I was excited, because it was more than our regular wages.  I went downstairs to where my bedroom was. Outside my door was a plant with white flowers on it, and it was drooping to the left hand side. I thought to myself that we had better take it upstairs so we would remember to water it and keep it alive.

Then we were upstairs, and we were having some type of party. T and C were there wearing raincoats, and they were going out together and talking.  It might have bothered me a bit, but not too bad. Then T was next to me, (there were 2 of her), and asking me about C., and kind of about if I was worried they would be together, and I said no.

It was time to leave but C had been drinking, so I had to drive. We started walking out to the car and I remembered I had left my cash envelope in the car and hoped it would still be there. C got in the driver’s seat and just then a bald scary gangster guy in a tank top had his foot on the bumper and was looking menacing at us. I flew into the backseat and yelled for him to back up fast! We did, and we were fine, and we changed seats so I could drive. I was coming out of a drive way place, to take a left onto the road (Of my high school), and I went but I kind of cut a police officer off and that made me nervous, but my breaks weren’t working very well.  I kept driving, and it started raining really hard, and it was dark. I was sad wishing C could drive because I was scared, but he couldn’t.  I kept forcing my eyes open wider and saying “I can’t see!”. At this point I couldn’t see anything but rain, and I was so scared we would have an accident. I wondered if we should pull over until the rain stopped, but felt like it would never stop. Then I woke up.


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