1930’s Husband-to-be

I think it was like the 1930s. I was dating a man quite older than myself, I think set up by someone.  He was having a dinner meeting with clients or something, but we weren’t in a house. It was like we were in a tiny camper or something at first.  I was washing all of the dishes in a tiny little sink, trying to show that I would be a great wife.  Whether I wanted to marry him or not didn’t really seem like an issue.  It was just the way things were. I still had my pride though.

Someone in his group mentioned something about me doing the dishes and that being where the woman should be and the only use for them, and my man freaked out at him, so angry.  

Now we were in a more open area with lots of people.  I had grown to really love him. I ran to him and hugged him.  We were going to bed. We were in a place with lots and lots of beds all lined up, with only curtains dividing them.  We wanted to lay in the bed together to hug, but we weren’t married. I called him “Mr.” something and he called me “Miss” something. 

We were cuddling in bed when the person in charge came in. A nurse or something? We quickly jumped into separate beds, but in the hubbub, we got in to the wrong ones. I tried to cover for him by saying my name was whatever his name was “Mikey Something”. She said that we weren’t supposed to act like that, but if we had to, we could use a little “door” like a tiny little door, to lean up outside of our curtain and no one would disturb.  Anyway, we both knew we would have to marry first.  He asked me if I truly wanted to marry him and I said “Oh yes!”. I had red hair with curls, he had glasses and gray hair.  

The next day, we went house shopping. As soon as we found a house, we could be married.  We went into the first house. It was on the corner of a busy town street, and quite large. We walked in, and I knew it was the 1930’s but it was quite modern with black granite and fancy everything. We went through all of the rooms and I was beyond thrilled.  

Then we went upstairs. I was telling him where his office could be, and his study. Then I found a little alcove by the window, and said I could do my sewing there. I went to look out the window.  There were hundreds of people running down the street. Many of them dressed like court jesters. I said “It’s the running of the fools”. I looked through binoculars there, and saw into a Tim Horton’s. Weird! It was so strange to see all of the people in there so clearly! I thought someday I should tell someone to go in there, and I would pass it with a train, and look in on them. I know. Weird.

We kept looking. The real estate agent and I went to one room. Hmmm there was a creepy room with an old straw broom and a cauldron. I mentioned it was where witches once worked. I was comforted instead of scared. Until the next couple of rooms were the same. I said we were protected and I made a big white light around us. The next room I looked in and there were a few dead sheep laying there. WHAT the HECK! I was now freaked out and could feel bad and scary energy around me. Even though I protected myself I could feel it. We ran down the stairs terrified. I told my husband-to-be regretfully that we couldn’t live there. We would have to keep looking. I thought I could live anywhere as long as we could be married. But not there.