Monopoly Sell

I dreamed a real estate agent came to my office, LC.  She said there had been an offer on our flip house of $750,000.00.  She said it could have gone up to 2.8 million dollars.  I had only listed it for $164,000 so I was quite excited for the profit! We could build a new house now! Her office person called me to arrange details, and I thought we should sign off on this soon!  They said their real estate firm wanted it for a central office location and to show potential clients how to properly renovate a home.

We agreed to the deal and LC brought a pile of cash into my mom’s office. My dad said we had to count it all twice really well in front of each other. I noticed that a lot of it was Canadian Tire money, and LC said there’s a hat she wanted a CT so she would swap it for real money with me.

So we counted money, but it was hard to count because it was homemade monopoly money.  I asked our office manager if it was okay to pay for a house with monopoly money and she said no. We started to wonder if something was wrong with the deal.

C (my husband) and I decided to go over to the flip house to check it out.  We noticed that we had forgot to to the trim on the top of a lot of the windows on the outside.  I went in and there was a strange tall man inside.  He was pretending to by nice but I knew it was something sneaky. He suddenly realized I could see through him and he flipped and started to come towards me. I told him that my husband was with me, and I started banging on the windows and calling out.  I yelled C’s name over and over and finally he came in from the truck, I was so relieved. But then I heard our daughter yelling “Papa! Papa!” and panicked that the scary guy would find her. Then I woke up.


Bundle of Stress Dream

I’ve been pretty stressed at work this week, and it all came to head in my dreams last night!


In the dream, my wedding photographer for upcoming wedding decided I was going to get married, in an old office building along with another couple so she could do a two-for-one. C wasn’t even there!  Apparently she went through the necessary steps and we were married.  ALso, she was Haleigh from Big Brother 20.

I called C and was like “well, I guess we’re married now!”. Then i remembered all the actual plans. I suddenly thought OMG the officiant was going to meet us at 5, in another town! What if she’s looking for us! My hair and makeup! I didn’t cancel it! My flowers! Cake!

I told the photographer, “Weren’t we supposed to have portraits outside? Can we still?” and she said “That will be another $1000.”

Now I was at my aunt M’s house, and I knew I had to get to the wedding location, 2.5 hours away, asap to make the hair appointment. I was trying to get ready to go but I couldn’t get everything gathered up!  I was struggling and panicking to go!

I must have forgot about it all, cause now I was in an apartment and I had forgotten to do all my homework. I was desperately trying to write sentences and answer questions. AND the apartment had just been sold so I had to figure out how to get everything packed and moved out.  A friend came in and asked why I didn’t live in the south end of whatever city i was in. I said the rent was cheaper here and i liked all the cafes outside.  It was like an apartment built like a tree house, and it was kinda of wobbly.

Then Arie from the Bachelor came in. Agh.  That made it worse.

Next an old cousin BM was outside the door. And suddenly he died, and they had to come take his body away. It was one thing after another! Aghh!!




This was an odd dream!

I was at a hospital, and an older lady was taking blood from me, either for a test or something.  They had to put the IV in my toe (AHHH!!!!), but it didn’t really bother me.

Anyway, next I was standing there, and my Grampie Wilmot was there! He was sparkly, and magical, and in the dream, I knew it wasn’t a dream, but that it was really my gramp visiting me!

Gramp was so happy, and excited.  I knew he had been sent for some mission, and I could tell he was excited and took it seriously.  He was glowing and he took like a little charm or s shaped thing, and held it above my head and dropped it, and I felt it go down through my body, and kind of clicked in my belly.  He showed me a vision (or something), of happiness, giggles, babies.  I asked about a boy or a girl, and he smiled and said it didn’t matter right now.  The feeling of excitement and bubbling was overwhelming, and he said it’s time. Or something like that.  It’s the beginning of August in real life, but this way happening the beginning/middle of October ect. (Weird, I know).

So, then he disappeared, and I was back to my original dream at the hospital.  I was dazed thinking about what happened, and I was getting ready to “check out”. I was talking about my gramp “visiting” me, and the reception lady was alarmed. She said I would have to stay in the women’s psych ward now!! I was like “no please! I need to go home, I have a daughter to take care of!” but she didn’t want to hear it and thought I was crazy! Agh.

Right after that I woke up

A Cat in the Ceiling

It’s the full moon! And we all know what that means! Crazy dreams and no rest.


I dreamed we had moved to a large, old apartment. B had her own huge room, full of toys, and a big bed.   I looked at the bed, and thought C should have put her head board facing North, and looked around the room to find the best spot.  Windows and doors made it hard to find a good spot, but we deicded we’d put it against the left wall.  Off of the bedroom was a HUGE walk in closet.  It was large enough to be a small bedroom, and we had put a small bed in there for a friend.  There was a doll house and the racks were full of clothes. I thought it would be nice to put her dresser in here too to keep it out of the room.

In the room, up against a wall, was a purple king size bed frame, headboard and foot board. It came from the last owners, so I was a little worried it would have a weird energy attached. We talked about it and decided it would be nice for her to have a king size bed, so we would look into it.

B and I were playing in the room, when we heard something in the ceiling. It was a drop ceiling, and suddenly, a black cat fell from the ceiling into the room! It was a crazy cat, and it immediately started chewing through a blow up plastic toy!  It jumped on our cat mystique and they ran down the hall.

C came in and was like “That’s my old cat! It must have been living with T upstairs and found us!”. I was like nope, not gonna happen. I told him we are not keeping the cat, and he insisted we were.  I didn’t want it eating all of the toys, and I said it would be expensive to feed, and one more litter to clean.  I looked around hoping I could find a bone made out of rope for it to eat.


My Shamanic Journey: Butterflies, Bees and Female Energy

May 9 2017


My Shamanic Journey


A friend is learning to be a shaman.   She needs to do 30 volunteer sessions this year, and I volunteered to try a shamanic journey.


We sat outside on her upstairs porch, looking out to the brook running past. On a small table were a jar of feathers, and stones laying spread out. She asked me to look at the stones and choose one. There was a shiny green one that I wanted to pick, but something about this little purple red non-shiny stone made me choose it. It kind of looked like a heart. I picked it up, and she cleansed the stone with smudge from a piece of holy wood from Peru. She also smudged my body and a prayer was said to call in our ancestors, guides and helpers for my intentions.


I was asked to set an intention for this session; Something I would like to work on, or something I had been struggling with, or wanted answers about. I decided to set the intention of “Opening myself to accept and enjoy love, and to let go of guilt”.


We went inside, where I chose to lay down on a soft bed, and cover with a wool blanket. K (the practitioner) sat at the end of the bed with her drum. She asked me to speak my intention and blow the intention into the stone three times.


K now started to slowly drum on the drum she made herself. She asked me to tell her if it was too fast, too slow, too loud, or too quiet, but I found it just right.


Now I relaxed and let my mind relax as well. K guided me to find a place in nature that I wanted to be, a place I had been or created. I chose “my” tree, at my grandparents’ side hill. I could feel the strong tree against my back as I leaned against it. Insects buzzed, and the sunshine shone on my face, the soft breeze lifting my hair off my neck. Butterflies fluttered by and I relaxed.



I looked up and a whitish coloured bunny was staring at me. Twitching his nose. K prompted me to ask his name. When I did he replied “White”. I reached out to touch him, and his fur was very soft. He said not to worry, not to be nervous or afraid but to feel his soft fur and enjoy it. I stood up, and we walked together through the fields, while I looked around.   The grass was long but I wasn’t afraid of snakes in the grass.


K asked if I saw an opening anywhere.   A hole in the ground? In the clouds? Maybe water? To my left was a large tree, and on the tree was a slit, about 8 feet high. I walked over to the tree, and pulled the slit apart and slipped in.


I started to walk down, and I could smell the earthy scent of the forest.   The smell of wet, rich soil, of trees that had composted themselves, and fresh Earth. As I walked further down, I noticed roots on the walls of the entrance. Strong and beautiful roots. They had a mother energy, and spoke to me.

The roots said to keep going, not to worry, I was safe. As I walked, the roots grew, and I could hear the crackling of them spreading through the hallway. I felt comforted and safe, and loved.


I continued walking and the packed ground turned to flat, soft stone. They were warm as if something below them heated them. I could see water in the near distance, and I walked to it. A well about a metre in diameter. I got down on my knees at the edge of the well, and looked in. I saw my reflection.   My reflection began to talk to me.


She (I?) was beautiful and fresh and smiling with rosy pink cheeks and sparkling eyes. She told me that I was beautiful and worthy of love. That I am never alone, and that she is always with me. I felt loved and comforted by this. When we were done, I raked ripples over the water with myfingers. I reached down to taste the water, and it tasted like sweet honey. I felt so good as I drank it, and it reached every tip of my body. I took a canteen/satchel thing made from leather and filled it was the water for later.


I got up and continued to walk. A white butterfly fluttered along with me. It was a friend or relative, and I knew I would see it in the real world. We came to a stair way and I started to go up. I could see sky, and almost continued up the stairs, when I realized there was another direction I could go. I walked up those stairs, and they had flowers growing on either side of the stars. Wild roses, that I could smell.



I walked until I got to a room. It was full of flowers. Millions of beautiful flowers of every colour. Wow.It was breathtaking. The smell of the flowers was intense. I walked in and gazed around. The butterfly told me to take as many as I wanted. I was nervous to pick them. The butterfly told me that it won’t hurt them to pick them. That I can enjoy them. Because there is an infinite supply of flowers that will bloom and bloom and bloom. Started to gather bunches of flowers, and I put them in my bag with the blooms popping out.

K asked me if I felt this pertained to the intentions I was working on. I said yes, I think it means that there is enough love. Enough love for everyone. That I can pick the flowers, and enjoy them, and not to worry if that love seems to be finished, there is an infinite amount of love abounding.

I laid down in the flowers and relaxed. I could hear bees buzzing. Buzzing and working. I asked them what I needed to know. They told me to just relax and let them work. Let things happen, and let things work out. Don’t over think how it’s going to happen and how things are going to get done, but let the capable hands do their work.   The energy of the bees were like a different type of mother. A capable mother who was skilled and knew what to do. A type of love that isn’t fluffy, but it capable and direct. All of the bees were female. Flowers were popping up and multiplying as they worked.



I was ready to go, so I got up and walked back to the stair case.

I walked up the flat uneven rocks that made the stairs, and felt the soft stones and packed earth of the walls.   When I was nearly to the top, I reached my hands up and could feel the soft grass around the edges of the opening, and emerged. There were more white butterflies, hundreds. They were playing and fluttering around happily. I watched them having fun and enjoying life. They were themselves and nothing more and nothing less. They didn’t have to change themselves to be happy.

More butterflies came and surrounded me like a bed, floating me up in the sky, I could see tall ever green trees, and next I could see fruit trees, bursting and overflowing with ripe apples, peaches, and grapes. We got closer and I reached down for a peach. It was so completely juicy and ripe that it dripped down my chin.



I looked up to see a hawk swooping and sweeping, and playing and having fun and smiling. He told me that hawks have fun too. And just because he was brown, didn’t mean he wasn’t beautiful and happy with himself. He flew down and ate a peach, and then flew off and winked at me. K asked me to think about what this meant.


I though the abundance of the fruits showed again that there is enough for everyone. That enough love and nourishment exists in the world and there is such abundance for all. I blew these thoughts into my stone, three times.


Now I relaxed on the bed of butterflies. K asked if I felt any areas needed work or if I felt any blockages. I felt immediately that my throat was blocked. It felt like water should run freely through it, but that it was getting stuck.


I felt something placed on my throat.   It was wet but not cold. I felt that it was medicine. It was like a piece of cloth and it was blue or white. Who put it there? I looked to my left and there was a grandmother.   Old. She was native, with long white braids, and deep wrinkles, a smile in her eyes. Under the cloth were herbs, as I had known it was medicine. She was talking but I couldn’t understand the words or language. K told me to ask her if she could communicate the message meaning to me. I felt it meant peace. And that what she put on my was to draw out “toxins” and to let them leave and she would get rid of them. (At this point I was physically shaking and vibrating).She was chanting a low noise.


I relaxed, and she burned the cloth and the energies, and the smoke carried them to the black sky. She patted my on the head and called me “Little…something” Like Little Chicken or Little sparrow.   To say thank you, I offered her some honey water from my canteen and she drank, and said she’d been waiting for that. She turned and left happily. I told a drink, and the water did indeed flow freely through my throat.


It was night, and there was a campfire still burning. I sat down and watched. The fire told me to let go of any emotions I was ready to leave behind. That it was energy and would not be destroyed but that it would be moved somewhere else. That emotions aren’t good or bad, they just are. If I had need to re visit the emotions I could but that they can be moved if not necessary for myself now. I put my guilt in the smoke and it traveled up. As I was getting ready to leave, I saw a shiny black stone, shiny like a cheeta’s eye, and picked it up. This stone would act as the fire, when I would like to get rid of an emotion I no longer needed, I could put the emotion in the stone and it would be moved. I blew the energy of the stone, into my own little rock, for when it would b needed.



I had mentioned in my journey that I had been worried about my head at some point. I held my stone to my head, and K had me blow forcefully, the heaviness and pain I had been feeling in my head for the last several months, suggesting that a possibility was that I had been holding my guilt in this part of my body.

I was ready to go back. I walked up to the opening of the tree I had entered earlier, and walked back out into the field. My grandfather was there, which immediately brought me to tears.   I said I missed him. He said he knew, but not to worry, even when I was not thinking or remembering him, he was there.   I started to walk by to my tree. I sat down to gather my emotions, and felt the strong tree against my back. I could hear the drumming, and started to copy the beat onto a tree stump. I remembered everyone in my journey and thanked them all. My journey finished there.


When I woke up/opened my eyes, K used a Peruvian Holy Water (I forget what it was called… aqua something. She whistled into the bottle that held the water, and sprayed it over me, to cleanse.   I laid for a few minutes until I was ready to get up.


We went outside and chatted for a few minutes.   The heaviness that was in my heart seemed to have lifted and I felt refreshed and rejuvenated.


Not Seeing in the Rain

We were at the house where we grew up. My Dad had paid my brother and I for a week of work, with cash in an envelope. I was excited, because it was more than our regular wages.  I went downstairs to where my bedroom was. Outside my door was a plant with white flowers on it, and it was drooping to the left hand side. I thought to myself that we had better take it upstairs so we would remember to water it and keep it alive.

Then we were upstairs, and we were having some type of party. T and C were there wearing raincoats, and they were going out together and talking.  It might have bothered me a bit, but not too bad. Then T was next to me, (there were 2 of her), and asking me about C., and kind of about if I was worried they would be together, and I said no.

It was time to leave but C had been drinking, so I had to drive. We started walking out to the car and I remembered I had left my cash envelope in the car and hoped it would still be there. C got in the driver’s seat and just then a bald scary gangster guy in a tank top had his foot on the bumper and was looking menacing at us. I flew into the backseat and yelled for him to back up fast! We did, and we were fine, and we changed seats so I could drive. I was coming out of a drive way place, to take a left onto the road (Of my high school), and I went but I kind of cut a police officer off and that made me nervous, but my breaks weren’t working very well.  I kept driving, and it started raining really hard, and it was dark. I was sad wishing C could drive because I was scared, but he couldn’t.  I kept forcing my eyes open wider and saying “I can’t see!”. At this point I couldn’t see anything but rain, and I was so scared we would have an accident. I wondered if we should pull over until the rain stopped, but felt like it would never stop. Then I woke up.

Snow Freezing Oil

I was in the back seat of a car, with my Aunt M, the kids, and my cousin C was driving! We were going around turns, and she was going so fast! M said “Oh my gosh! C is driving!” I wondered if she had her license. I said “Slow down!” I was so scared! Then we went over a bump and my phone fell on the floor in front of me.

I looked down, and there was a big jug of oil under the seat in front of me.  Someone had put it on the floor upside down, so there was a hole and oil was leaking out of it onto the floor. Thick, black oil.  I yelled for C to pull over.  I was getting worried that my phone would get in the oil too.

FINALLY she pulled over, and I hopped out. I grabbed my phone first, and then on the side of the road, I grabbed clumps of snow and put them on the oil, since I didn’t know what else to do.  Wow, to my surprise, the snow was actually freezing the oil, and I was able to lift it off in chunks, leaving the floor completely clean! I thought to myself, good thing we had a storm so there was enough snow to use!

I looked up, and there was a funeral procession coming.  Except they were walking.  The first men were carrying the casket, followed by younger men.  They were walking along the side of the road, and I jumped back up against the car so they could pass through between the snowbank and the car. I left my phone on the bank, thinking no one from a funeral would bother it….  But… a teenage boy looked at it and snatched it on the way by.  I ran and grabbed him and snatched my phone back. Yeesh.

I think perhaps I spend way too much time on my phone.


Spinning Down The Dimension Hole

We were at the Centreville Middle School. TLL, JM, Jm, Mom, and AG.  We were at the top of a hill, and I was wear wedge shoes. The hill was super steep and I was nervous about slipping down the hill but we made it!  CL was sick with the flu, and him and TLL lived in the school. I wondered where in the school and thought it was weird.
We were now around the end of the school, and mom, Jm, Jm, and AG wandered into an area with wooden fences that people weren’t suppsoed to go, because they wanted to see the horses.
Me and TLL turned around, and I apologized to her that i forgot to introduce her to everyone.
As we walked all of these people were trying to entice us to go to this cult, or group or something. We were trying to run away, but we didn’t know who we could trust and who would just bring us to the cult.  We were waiting for CL to come and save us, but he was sick.  This tall guy who looked like a korean star from Gu Family Book (The tall guy with the deep voice), but he was white, was really trying to get us into the group. I can’t remember his name but let’s call him “Sam”.
Me and TLL fled, and ended up in a car with some family, and headed out of town.  Sam jumped on a bike to try to follow us.  Eventually I guessed I realized “Wait! I am SUPPOSED to go with him!”. So I jumped out of the car while it was moving, and ran across 3 lanes of traffic, to the median where I waited. Finally, Sam go there, he didn’t know I was waiting, and he was completely exhausted and red, and he collapsed with the bike. In a surprising turn of events, I scooped him off the ground, and told him I was going with him. We ended up getting married too. He was my destiny.
Fast forward, and he brought me to this underground place to live. It was twisty almost like a screw all the way down, you just kept going in a circle and more rooms were everywhere.  The funny thing was that everyone had little wheely plasma car things that kids have.
I wheeled everywhere and there were soft shiny pillows, and kids rooms and everything.  I was so fast, I could do jumps with my plasma car.
So, I had started a business or something, and this place helped me SO much to make my business successfull.  I had a very fruitfull and happy career.  We also had one more baby, and we were all so happy.
We were given leave to go visit my parents after the birth of our second child.  Not sure how we got there, but I was on my plasma car, going really fast down a slide, which was in my bedroom, to make me feel more at “home” since I was used to useing a plasmacar every day.
I went to the kitchen, and Mom said “It’s been SO hard to keep this secret for 2 years” (She couldn’t tell people where we were or what we were doing) I said I know but she could never ever tell anyone.
She said my name out loud, but I forget what it was. I do know that my last name was long, and the last syllable was written in symbol instead of letters. It was like a square symbol, and sounded like “stone” or “Slate” or “hammer” or something. Almost like a viking name.
I looked at my husband and he said “You’re so cute with your upside down nose” and I realized that his nostrils were upside down from mine.  We were so happy.
Was he human? Were we on Earth?

Parachuting Campers

It started off we were at a customer’s house, JD.  The weird thing was, their house was EXACTLY like the house I Grew up in, except slightly different furniture.  Everything was in the right place, but slightly altered.  I went to check on their new kitchen and realized it was on the lower level which i thought was really weird. Anyway mostly it looked fine, they were just waiting for a piece of granite. I went back up to the original kitchen and noticed they had the same counter we had had, but yellow instead of green, and I told them that used to be the only choice.

I was feeling really awkward in this house full of people, and I found a baby and picked it up.I carried it all around and it was so cute and could say a couple of words.  I couldn’t tell if it was a boy or a girl.

Later I noticed everyone was in sock feet and suddenly remembered that we were supposed to take off our shoes, but I was still wearing my boots. I was so embarassed and snuck to the entry way to slip my boots off.

I was sitting on the floor and now I was wearing someone else’s heels, that looked like mine. I realized it was the mean popular girl’s sitting behind me so I tried to take them off.The girls were mean and making fun or me or something. I didn’t careTHAT much but it was annoying. One asked me if we had any display kitchens in our showroom for sale, and to tell her when we did. I told her there’s a big wait list. Then I guess I wanted them to like me so I said there was one stained set, now that I thought about it. I had to explain the difference between stained and painted.

Now it was time to leave, so Janet and I somehow got a taxi.  The driver was an older rough looking woman with stringy hair but she was nice.  She pulled into Janet’s blue house driveway, and I realized that janet must have used her before.  We didn’t want to walk the rest of the way so we explained where my house was and she took us there.

She pulled into the club’s driveway next to our house, and we were sorting out the payment for the taxi.  It was going to be 27$. So I said we could give her a 3$ tip, and get $10 back from $40.The whole thing was super confusing.  Suddenly her car almost started to roll over the edge of the driveway towards the lake. I wondered how she would ever even get home!Was she sick? Or drunk.

I looked up in the air and there were dozens of campers and winebegos all on parachutes! It was AMAZING! They were floating down through the sky into the lake, it was a huge celebration with music and campers, and parachuters and unicicles and bicycles parachuting down. It was a famous troup doing it. It was so cool and festive! I tried to get my phone out to take a video but I’m not sure if I did.

Then I was with my friend’s Mom, and I wondered where my friend was.  She was asking about my other friend and mentioning things about her, and her face actually WAS the face of my other friend, T! Anyway, she was really clinging, and said she moved down the road. I liked her but I really didn’t want to have to hang out with her all the time.  And she was saying my name with a baby talk accent.

Cleaning out the Sledge/Falling through time

I had the weirdest dream last night.
I was at some place, and a girl was working on me.  It’s hard to explain, but it was like she wasn’t actually there but she was there.  Like she was doing distance healing or something but I could see her there.  Her hands were on my back and arms, and they were so warm. I wondered how I could feel her hands if she wasn’t really there.
She was scooping this box out, that was my body.  There was green sludge stuff seeping up and she was scooping it up and throwing it out.  I was using my intention to get our as much sludge as I could.  She said that this was gross stuff that was in my body, and that the stuff that was bubbling up could turn into disease. Ahh!  It seemed like more and more was coming out and it was making me nervous.  She started getting slightly alarmed. She said I looked average, but for some reason I had more sludge inside, and it had to get out.
Then suddenly, from the other side of the “box” small fire balls or something were sputtering up.  That scared, me and I ran to the other side of the room, and hid behind the other guy that was there (who looked like Jim Parsons but was another angelic being or something like that).
We realized that there was something scary coming, like a dragon or something.  He ran with me, and we jumped out the window.  I didn’t know if we were in real life or a dream, or another dimension, but I knew we couldn’t stay where we had been.  We were falling through the air,  hands pointed down, moving really fast, and we stayed together.
When we landed, it was as if we had been thrown back or ahead through time, hundreds of years.  I looked around and it was so weird.  I looked completely different.  I had short hair and it was like I was a different person.  I knew though, that we were being pursued.  There was a young scary guy, sitting on a swing, and I knew he was looking for us, Jim (?) had gone to hide, and I was pretty incognito.  I talked to the young guy and knew he was hunting for Jim.  He mentioned there was no way the girl (me!!) would be alive, since I was a human and I would have been dead hundred of years ago.  I knew this was really lucky he didn’t know it was me again).
Meanwhile, Jim was sewing new clothes.  He was making an outfit he could wear that he didn’t need to show his face.  He wore cloaks, and had something almost like a burkah to cover his eyes (Lace part over eyes, solid on rest).  He was almost panicking.  He had a drawer (at this point, I think I was now him, or seeing through his perspective, so I will say “I” instead now).  So there was a desk with drawers, and I put the things I was working with, including some sort of important magic thing, in the drawers. I sort of worried someone could find them, but I didn’t have time.  I left, and ran through some corridors of old buildings.  I came out to a place where people were milling around.  They were all really skinny.  In this place, no one had enough food.  I started walking, when suddenly I knew they had found me.  The guys were after me, and I was running. Trying to put a protective bubble around myself, but it didn’t help.  I kept running.  At some point, I had a wooden arrow, and I threw it into one’s stomach.  There were more of them though.  They caught me, and I was trying to throw the last arrow, but kept missing, and the pointy part was gone anyway.
So they caught me.  They wanted to know where to magic stuff was. I said I had given it to a girl named “S” (Which was ME from when we arrived), the hint was that her name reminds you of breakfast (My name was Scarlett, so not sure why that was a hint?).  I forget what happened next… but I guess I must have woke up. Yeesh.