Crystal Grid and Lucid Dreaming

Last night I FINALLY slept well again, with lots of stories and dreams.  I was thinking, maybe it was the crystals? Since it was recently the full moon, I took all of my crystals from our bedroom (including the sleeping grid I made), and put them in the kitchen window to charge up. Last night, I brought them back in, and made a grid beside the bed, using a large amethyst, 8 rose quartz, 4 clear quarts points, and four small amethysts. I used my intentions to program the grid for loving, relaxing sleep and dreams.  Maybe that was the missing link the last three days!  
On another note, yesterday Elisa Medhus posted an interesting blog post about dreams. I will copy and paste it here. (For those of you who are unfamiliar, Elisa lost her son Erik a few years ago, but communicates to him through channelling.  Check it out!)
After this post, I will get back to recording my dreams. 
“Me” is Elisa, Erik is her son on the other side, and Jamie is the medium who is translating: 


Me: Okay. Let’s talk about dreams. What are dreams?

(Pause as Jamie listens, then she smiles and drops her head.)

Erik: Fun.

Me: Yeesss.

Jamie (smiling and shaking her head): He’s talking about personal dreams, and I’m trying to get him on track and just talk about dreams in general, what they do for people.


Jamie (to Erik): Asleep dreams, and then you can do daydreams later.

(Long pause)

Jamie: Uh, here we go down with pictures! There’s something about him giving images today.

Me: I know! I noticed that!

Jamie: He shows me when a person sleeps, there are—think of sleep as a form of meditation.

Erik: It’s a form of repair, like your body needs to shut down in darkness to do cell repair or recovery, and what the brain does is the same thing. It’s trying to repair. It’s trying to recover information that it’s going through or needing to go through, right? Because when you let go of your conscious thought, your conscious goggles, when you take those off and you go to sleep, your brain can actually comprehend what’s happening with you in every other lifetime, not this linear entrapment thing that we would like to believe in, but it can go, cross-dimensions and everywhere. It can do these things. So, our dream state is often based on that brain’s journey to collect information or to put you through experiences and bring those back to the life that you’re living now. It plays it out in very—what we might consider—illogical—

Jamie: Illogical. Is that a word?

Me: Yeah!

Jamie: For some reason it sounds so foreign to me right now!

This happens a lot when she channels Erik, because, again, she really doesn’t pay much attention to what’s being said. She just sort of spews the words out.

Erik: It’ll come across as very illogical, but when you’re in that framework of a dream, it makes perfect sense to you when you’re experiencing it. These dreams are when—we can imagine taking off your consciousness goggles and set them aside—your conscious energy becomes subconscious beneath the layer where it can travel cross-dimensionally. It can take your soul, your spirit, however you want to define it, kind of away from the physical body. This physical body is doing its gig. It’s trying to repair its cells and do recovery tactics while the soul takes its journey. Now, some of us do transcend space and time when we’re asleep. We travel out of body. We journey. That’s the most that I can tell you. It’s almost as easy as the Peter Pan story where you fly out your fucking window and go to another world.

Me: Can you go to the afterlife?

Erik: Yes! Absolutely! And the afterlife can come to you.

Me: So, you can come and visit me. Hint, hint.

Erik: Yes, yes. Thank you for the reminder.

Erik winks twice.

Me: So, do we actually, do our souls leave our bodies during dreams?

Erik: Yes they can. It’s not [during] every dream that we do that, but yes.

Me: All right. What about our guides or our higher self? Do they communicate or download information while we’re asleep?

Erik: Absolutely!

Me: Well then you need to do that more with me.

Jamie giggles.

Erik: You need to know more, Mom?

Me (in a pleading voice): Yes, I do.

Erik: Yeah, most people experience this between the hours of 2 and 3 AM.

Jamie: He says it correlates with the sleep patterns, the human sleep cycle.

Erik: That’s also the time when your guides come in and download information, and you say, “higher self” like “it’s somewhere, Dude.” It’s still a part of you.

Me: True self?

Erik: Yeah. I like that one. Use that.

Me: Okay. Will do. Yes, sir! What about astral travel? How’s that different from dreams?

Erik: Well, it’s what can happen in dreams. You can leave your body and travel. You can also learn how to astral travel consciously. You can set up a day and a time and practice it and achieve that yourself. It’s also known as out of body [experiences] or OBEs.

Me: Is that the same thing as astral travel?

Erik: Yeah. You’re out of your body.

Me: Okay, so astral travel is more of a, uh, you’re making a conscious effort to leave your body? Is that what you’re saying?

Erik: No, no, no. They’re both the same, and both of them can happen when you’re in a sleep state, or you can train yourself to achieve it when you’re in an awake state.

Me: All right. Well, tell me what a lucid dream is.

Jamie (laughing): He said, “An Elisa dream?”

I laugh. How corny.

Me: No, those are private. Actually I dream about things like unloading the dishwasher, so let’s not bore the audience.

Erik: A lucid dream is when you’re able to reach your subconscious and kind of—

Jamie (to Erik): That is a strange image, Erik! You are hysterical.

Erik:  Imagine that you’re underneath a waterbed. You’re in a room, and the ceiling is the bottom of a waterbed. And you took a little knife, and you’re in the subconscious, right? The consciousness is the waterbed. It’s all contained. You took a little knife and you just cut a little hole and the water started leaking into subconscious. That’s a lucid dream. You’re in the subconscious, but the consciousness is bleeding into it, so you can actually take control over what’s happening in the dream state. You can say, “Well, now I want to fly. Now I want to see my grandfather who passed away ten years ago. Now I want to do this. Now I want to resolve that,” and bring all of that information right into the consciousness, because you were able to control it.

Me: Interesting. Well, sometimes spirits, our loved ones, come to us in lucid dreams. That’s ontheir side. They’re the ones who initiate this. How do you do that?

Jamie (grinning): He’s teasing and says, “Lot’s of drugs.”

Jamie and I chuckle.

Erik: But seriously, we can initiate things, but the human has to—

(Long pause)

Jamie: He’s changing his words. Hold on.

Erik: The human has to want or desire that kind of communication or outcome. If we work with someone’s subconscious in that way and they’re not willing, it’s a no-no. No, we just don’t do that. That goes against the person’s wishes. So, like you, Mom, if you want me to come in a dream, and you want to chill out and talk and things like that, I know you’re a willing participant.

Me: Yes, and I need more of those!

Erik: I could come to you and say, while you’re sleeping, ‘All right. I’m going to get into that dream, and I want her to know that, even though she’s in a dream, it’s real so that makes it lucid.’ So you understand like, “Wait a second! You’re not real, because I know you’ve passed away, but here you are in front of me, and that’s real. But wait a second. I’m in a dream, but I know what I’m saying.” That’s that sweet spot where we can start to communicate with people. You know, like I mentioned before, when you go into your subconscious, it’s like your soul separates from the physical body, and you can cross dimensions. That takes you into our plane, where we can just walk into that space. It’s not necessarily a room. We don’t knock on a door and open the door and go, “Hey, is this your dream? Can I come in, man?”

I laugh because he sounds like a stoned surfer dude.

Erik: It’s more like a holding of a space where we can allow our energy to merge into it, and then we share this telepathy. You are basically the creator, and I’m playing along. I’m interacting with it, but the person who’s in the dream state has the control over what’s going on. I can only work with that person’s willingness.

Me: Okay. Interesting.

You can find the entire post here:


Some of my crystals, out to charge.


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